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  1. Silky

  2. Anyone know if its possible to retro-fit the ISOFIX into the Mk3 ? I have just done it on my 1998 306 GTI6 but want to know if its possible for the Mk3
  3. I've just had a Jetex system fitted by Paul/Simon at Strictlydubs, its fantastic, the noise of it on tickover is so subtle, but then on the move it sounds sweet as, not too loud or boomy, just right, well worth it
  4. Still a standard alloy but have been refurbed different to the norm http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v721/Silky_S16/VR6Wheels001.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v721/Silky_S16/VR6Wheels006.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v721/Silky_S16/VR6Wheels003.jpg
  5. Strictly Dubs

    Yep, seems that way, opposite ends of the A12. I'm going there tomorrow for a Jetex Exhaust System. I'd heard of that from a friend, might have to make it along to the next meet seeing as its a 15min drive from me
  6. Strictly Dubs

    I'm in Wickford mate, where are you ?
  7. Strictly Dubs

    They're quite local to me, about 30mins, so I'm quite glad they have a good rep
  8. I take it you carry your normal plates with you then
  9. Strictly Dubs

    I'm going there Saturday so hopefully they'll give me a deal
  10. Do you get away with white plates on the rear ?
  11. Brake paint

    What did you clean them with before painting them ?
  12. New wheels

    Feck me, they are deep !! Sweet