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  2. Henri Lloyd yachting.

    It's a touch underpowered for some of the alpine passes but she did the trick recommend it over a tent anytime having done both! its gorgeous around there, some serious boats aswell! we did from Spain across the whole south coast last year. Cassis is a lovely little coastal town if you end up that far west. Are you driving back? Gorges du Verdon are worthwhile along with areas around Geneva(thonon les bains) and annecy the lakes are warm and unbelievably clear!!
  3. Henri Lloyd yachting.

    One that we didn't get either, maybe they gave it to them to tide by while they waited for mk4 Gotta be my favorite place for road trips, did Europe this year in a T4 where you heading/been?
  4. Henri Lloyd yachting.

    You in Spain dude? Interesting facelift style grille aswell!
  5. cooling fans after ignition turned off

    Basically see if the fault still presists, when you unplug it. If it does try unplugging rad fan switch and see if it still does it
  6. cooling fans after ignition turned off

    Unplug the plug with the fine wires on your rad control unit it still do it??
  7. Street drag racin' in Finland..

    Qaulity stuff!!! =D im liking this a lot!!
  8. level of guide wear (Pic)

    they look nearly new, the wear that happens in like the first 1000miles! seen same wear on a set that coverd 100miles, got pulled to bits soon after new chains were fitted.
  9. 2 covers and a heated blanket essential wear!! at least we wont need a fridge for the beers eh! =D will be there in the Tramp Drifter! assuming it aint in ditch before hand dave pull your finger out and find a mk2!
  10. VW ACTION 4-6th September

    Awesome weekend guys n gals!!! many thanks to all of you's =D been good to catch up with those of you i aint seen for what seems like time!!! Night racing next!!!! =D
  11. Fuel pressure reg vacuum pipe

    no point, becomes pretty much atmos vac in the inlet mani when the throttles full throttle. no real gain in performance other than bad pressure regulation under part loads and idle... its there for a reason =)
  12. VW ACTION 4-6th September

    Deffo doing this one =) warm up to Fia nationals aswell =D
  13. BUG JAM 17-19 JULY

    Top weekend regardless of the weather =) good to see you all again and meet new faces =) cheers guys n gals . not that i remember much lol always a great sign tho
  14. BUG JAM 17-19 JULY

    cheers mate' date=' I should always remember not to pay any attention to liam as he is a complete **** wit ;-) [/quote'] LoL only just read that cheers i shall take that as a compliment were hoping to set of at around 12, depends how mashed get on thurs nite might even be there before you nige edit: spelling (not a dimwhit honest )
  15. electrical help, URGENT!!

    sounds like your on about the coil pack matey, common prob on the vrs, try Euro Car parts or GSF be danm sight cheaper than the genuine item