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  1. Girlfriend killed it

    Here is her work...... [img:width=600]http://www.aqtd80.dsl.pipex.com/1.jpg[/img:width=600] [img:width=600]http://www.aqtd80.dsl.pipex.com/2.jpg[/img:width=600] [resize pics - richie] Moderator edit by: richievr
  2. Girlfriend killed it

    yeah i kinda hated her driving it too but seeing as i wasnt using it i let her. let this be a lesson to y'all i think it is a write off, ill hopefully go see it over the weekend and post up some pic's. Anyone got a cheap runaround to sell me?
  3. Girlfriend killed it

    My missues crashed the VR6 at 70mph on the A1 lastnight.........it is no more. shes ok though.
  4. Exciting evening

    'kin hell looks like its exploding. Is that a security camera you got there? If so it looks pretty good which one is it? Cheers, Tom
  5. N750 UPC

    Damn straight it would. I'd be adding one more to that statistic if I knew where he lived! Mind you I'd probably get me ass kicked anyway Tom
  6. N750 UPC

    Don't suppose it gives out home addresses etc by any chance??
  7. N750 UPC

    This was no near miss the tool tried to ram me off the road...repeatedly. Tom
  8. N750 UPC

    How you know it was a GTI? It had...well it had one VR6 side strip and one GTI one....did think he was a bit slow.....
  9. N750 UPC

    If you happen to read this you a complete cock end for your wank driving on the M25 today. Cunt. That will be all. Tom
  10. What mod

    Lol yeah i do read em, i just can remember nowt Nice, where did you get that from Ebay or what? Also I know this is probably a well dumb question (I aint the most clued up of VR6 owners) but what sorta difference does it make to the performance? Cheers Tom
  11. Hi all, Looking to spend about 1 to 1.5 grand on doing some stuff to me engine, anyone have any recommendations? Cheers, Tom
  12. any body watching the perfect penis on chan 4

    Wrong....just wrong. Tom
  13. MOT Failure

    Also had MOT today, failed but only on the two front tyres guess I should stop driving like a nob Good luck getting your car sorted man.
  14. R32 review in autoexpress

    I hope so because I intend to buy one... how much cheaper do you reckon it will make em??