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  1. fattyb

  2. [poll] So what colour is yours then!

    Dragon Green! Man, australia didn't get ANY 3 door VRs... such a rip off... &| :@ btw the car has since been lowered so it doesn't look like and SUV anymore... hah [ Edited Wed Nov 17 2004, 02:05AM ]
  3. MY Vento VR

    I personally really like ventos... i wanna see your WHOLE car dude
  4. [poll] Does a VR6 make you more attractive?

    hrm, well i was already going out with my current gf for bought 9 months before i bout the VR... i dont think i get any looks people mistake it for an old mans car [ Edited Fri Jul 02 2004, 12:00AM ]
  5. sold my fto now after VR6

    well, being there about... oh... 5 VR6s in the whole of Canberra, no one knows what it is! lol i do get looks when i hose blokes in V8s though
  6. sold my fto now after VR6

    we all have good and bad experiences with cars. i wouldn't say its a bad car because you've had a bad experience. oh and a good point... hrm, YOU GET DA CHICKS BRO! haha
  7. A game to play.....!!

    PINK! haha underwear or commando [ Edited Tue Jun 29 2004, 01:20AM ]
  8. A game to play.....!!

    Starwars! light speed or warpspeed (nerd it up )
  9. Aus VR6...

    oh mate, wish they were all mine! lol i was with a few mates goin for a drive... the dude with the mk4 just sold it for a CooperS and the mk2 is a Uk import because Aus version mk2 gtis a farkin slow! Yeah the number plates are annoying, they dont fit properly, to tall and not wide enough >_<
  10. Aus VR6...

    meh... didn't hide my number plates. Oh well
  11. heh, i havn't really got any 'good' photos... and well, my car is HORRIBLY dirty in these. There was bit of rain closly followed by a dust storm >_< At the moment... its completly stock. I think i better pay off the car before i go doing stuff to it
  12. What Region are you from?

    er... Canberra, Australia can you guys swing by here? lol