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  1. When is a Highline not a Highline


    dunno but i have a bmc and it's great....sounds absolutely f*cking mint too
  3. strong smell of fuel

    it's a common problem, i had it on my old mk3 16v too. my money is on the rubber round the hose clips perishing. [ Edited Wed Aug 18 2004, 11:26AM ]
  4. Mulberry Highline

    same ride height but it's rubbing slightly mainly when i go over dips at high speed, so not too bad. gonna get Paul to grind the arches i think :-) btw are you going to j29 on Sunday? i was gonna ask if you could use ur photography skills and get some cool pics of my car for me?
  5. Mulberry Highline

    bought completely standard nearly a year ago and have done the following mods: - fk konigsport coilovers (dunno how low exactly but it's pretty fekkin low!) - kamei mesh grille - inpro mk4 look crystal headlights - fk crystal fogs/indicators - crystal side repeaters - fk tinted crystal rear lights with the orange bits removed - supersprint cat back exhaust - bmc carbon shielded induction kit - antera 309 phat rims - early vr front spoiler
  6. creaking noise

    i've got a really annoying creaking noise inside the car coming from the right hand side, behind the driver's side! it's creaking when i pull away and when i go over bumps and seems to be getting louder! any ideas? it's driving me mad! i don't want to start taking the door card off without having any idea of what it could be first... any ideas?
  7. check the subframe bolts.
  8. was being tailed by a Focus RS on Friday in the fast lane, with a car in front of me and a big gap ahead of him! i just knew what was going to happen as soon as the car in front moved over and tbh was cacking it a bit as they look well intimidating with those phat arch rims, etc!!! Anyway...RS was about 3 car lengths behind me....car in front moved over and i booted it from 80mph in 5th gear up to 120mph when i had to brake cos of traffic ahead....RS must have gained about a cars length, i was well chuffed i held him off...wonder what would have happened if i dropped it to 4th and booted it? could have been interesting!!! after we slowed, i moved over and let the RS driver past....he went past quite slowly and i was looking at him trying to catch his eye but he was pretending to look in the opposite direction LOL don't think he was too impressed!!!! btw his number plate read, "R5 5MUG". [ Edited Wed May 05 2004, 01:05AM ]
  9. Stealth Racing Rolling Road Day

    count me in