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Cam upgrades for 2.8 24v that pass emissions tests

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Hi folks, we are rebuilding a 2.8 24v and want to do a cam upgrade to get that lumpy sound. But I have also read that if you go to too long a duration, e.g. 288, the valve timing overlap results in high hydrocarbon emissions so you fail the tests (UK that is). Anyone know what duration you can go to and still pass MOT? What are people running effectively?


And if we're doing cams, anything we need uprate to match them? springs, lifters, gasket?

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Lot of money for a burble sound! You could at least refresh head parts if well used but mapping needed and so on, hundreds at least.


Get a cheap (but latest me7.1.1 compatible) clone ecu reader, read your ecu, plenty of defs on nefmoto (may need to post a few times to see them though), BDE maps should be around here for soft coding;




Theres other threads on hard coding, me7 very similar- so £50 outlay you can have it popping how you want with a bit of graft without the need for expensive hardware that yields little gain. (Plus you can sort the nox emissions with some fine tuning so it poops out little bunny rabbits 😉



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