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R32 MK4 strange noise when lifting off accelerator

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Hey Folks,


Please help me diagnose what the noise in my R32 MK4 is!


The high pitch whine/ noise in the video (below) occurs when I take my foot off the accelerator (usually happens when I'm in 3rd or higher) and coast. Doesn't always happen and seems to occur once I've been driving around for 5-10mins+.


This may not be accurate but it seems to occur between 20 and 30,000 RPM and sounds like it's originating from the passenger/nearside of the car though I'm not 100%.


I've taken it to VW and they reckon it's a vacuum leak from the engine, however, the guys I bought it from have pressure tested and not found any leak. They think it might be related to the EBC Redstuff brake pads.


Anyone had a similar issue?

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Updated video

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