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My vr6 arrived last week, all the way from Norwich.


Offside half of chin splitter got smashed going onto the truck, but otherwise arrived unscathed.


108k, fair amount of bills and original service book. Standard apart from coilovers.


Radio was removed as part of the deal, stuck one in I had lying about for the last 10 years and fitted a new drivebelt that came with the car.





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When the car arrived it had no grommet fitted below the aerial. Wee bit of silicone sealant evident.


I purchased a "2 for less than 3 quid inc delivery" aerial grommet/seals supposedly suitable for mk3 golf. When fitted it became quite obvious the claims were nonsense.


This introduced a drip into the car which a towel below the headliner was recruited to the stop the flood.


VW couldn't find a part number when i called, but i found one online and ordered the kit from them; £11


Fitted today


Part number for base seal, o-ring and nut is






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Was out a drive Sunday night and as reaching national speed limit, what i thought was lower cover i removed to change belt blowing away, turned out to be this..

If anyone has this part, bottom front lip of front offside arch liner please let know. Also need offside front spoiler half IMG_20190213_211131_636.jpeg

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