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V6 4MO 24V BDE Tuning

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On 3/1/2019 at 11:46 AM, Vagnerd said:

Following. Just found this thread, definitely going to read up on it after work. It's been years since I've worked with hex. I have my BDF bin file pulled, anyone know if the BDE xdf work with it?


Nope, well maybe, if you're in the US then you're better signing up on Nefmoto and getting files from this thread and I don't do BDF generally being in the UK, but it's not massively different, just some 02 not being 4wd and speed limiter stuff. 


Nef link - http://nefariousmotorsports.com/forum/index.php?topic=10385.msg97338#msg97338

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Overview of your 24v ecu folks, all VR6 24V/R32 are ME7.1.1., called 022906032 (x/xx), apart from mk4 12V US models (M.E.7.1.)  - not much info about on me7.1.1. as it's a hybrid evolution of ME7 and MED7/9.... trust me after 10 years but this is the overview from VW....





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On 3/1/2019 at 3:35 PM, RBPE said:

I uploaded my Nef stuff to the post above to save time, may as well give it you from source instead of jumpin through hoops and signing up, it should all help I hope, I'll do tons more when I have time! 

Thanks! I'm on NefMoto as well, just not finding too much on the me7.1.1 as you said.

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On 3/4/2019 at 5:29 PM, Vagnerd said:

Thanks! I'm on NefMoto as well, just not finding too much on the me7.1.1 as you said.


You normally have to piece together these kinds of files using the mk4 R32 full definition files on there, you can do most of it easy enough, the above I only took a few minutes to do as there's no point me doing BDF stuff over here, so look at my posts on Nef and you'll find all you need to put together a full definition file on these....... or at least more than any other place on the net at least!


E.G. I did them quickly just to help this guy, above are just direct links for the files in that post;



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  • 10 months later...

I did this quickly some time ago off an R32 file, I think it should be pretty much spot on but I'm reversing at the mo so time will tell. 


Seems to match up with mininuts file post but if not, pipe up and I'll try and dig out any address changes for you!


Based on this post to read up on, can elaborate as required as/when needed if your addresses are off etc;






Or I've got this full read to work off to do a better xdf/FI tuning etc if you want to get the file and are looking at long term?;



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p.s. This includes BDF, major offsets with the early single VVT stuff like AUE which can be a pain to define comparatively and I lost the early ones I did on dodgy hard-drive and haven't done much since, but if I have time I'll have a quick look if you put a link to your oem file for me

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Not sure if it was the BDF from the thread link above but just dug out some locations for the US lot;


Check the cw but looks okay;



Main locations for the BBSAWE maps;




Your rpm limits will generally show up as B0 68, of which there can be loads, look at the spacing between them to narrow it down in your hex editor or most should show up in these locations as there's not a massive amount of data stacking changes twin vvt to twin vvt files;







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UPDATE: Sorry I've not posted anything, been out of the car game for a while now.


Tunerpro was buggy for me and I don't need to use it so I didn't piddle about much with it.... but I'm patching together a big, correct BDE def so I've got one to hand and I'll put up pertinent info as and when I can.


The 032CN file on the net is quite good for picking things out but it can be a bit off - like the ME7.5 20vt lot, you'll get incorrect defs and all sorts which is why it takes time to make sure it's right, plenty of reversing etc.


*** I'm using the file I requested off Nefmoto in the link earlier by the way so it's easy to back-trace too in future - they tend to always have the data in the same area these BDE 032BG files, just some differences in data prob due to market/legis reasons.


So, the areas for making your own pops/soft launch, higher speed limits and rpm's;

BDE RPM Speed Launch


Here's what I mean with the data not stacking up correctly/def files used being off etc - LAMFA - a common problem many 20vt def file builders get;





Your codewords should be around there - check the 032cn file in ols to find out what they are or I'll update in due course; (**slip of the pen only on the 00/01 being on/off if it confuses you!)

BDE BFH Codewords_zpsnclq4w4d










I'll add the data areas I've just defined below, they should be correct but I've got a few things to check like here, ancilliary (compressor) torque. Probably irrelevant but if you go FI and you're dealing with; pedal/throttle angles/flow/charge/torque management/inlet mani etc as well as start/after-start/idle etc, it's best to have it all to hand really! Plus, def/calibration files are pants usually for these!


Compressor/ancilliary torque areas around here at quick look; (just notes for me when I revisit this);

Compressor torque bde


So - locations I've just done in last few hours on your BDE 032BG should be;







***** I might just have this thread for xdf/def file building for now and we can go more in depth on tuning/DIY tuning at a later date. Assuming theres interrest of course as I have no need to do this anymore really and everyones FaceTubing it nowadays?


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Thanks for keeping this going.  I'm on my 3rd motor in my second mx5!  golf seems to be the only reliable one!  1 out of 3 has to keep running lol  i've been buying hardware in the back ground though, just need to make an intake for it and i'll get on with it once i've finished rebuilding this 2.3 turbo in the mx5 and fixed a broken ringland in the other mx5!

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No worries, I intend to build up my own correct full defs anyway as I'm deleting loads of old files, I'll just add bits and bobs when I can, will try and dig out a few maps for other such V6's as well.... so here's a couple of screen shots of some BDF locations, I think it is just an 032DM file someone's stuck up on Nefmoto - should be similar to other BDF's - your speed maps are of a similar location to BDE but some are different values if I remember correctly. Don't have time to reverse a US one, sorry.


You may want to make a copy of the screenshots as I may delete the pic file in future -I'll prob put up a big def folder link when I do though.


Should be correct locations on the 032DM file:

032DM BDF Map locations


ignition area to see (note that I've added a Nef BDF & it seems to have a slight remap, not sure if the values will be the same on your stock ones but you should be able to see the same/similar layout of the hex if you 8bit FF it like I do.

BDF BDE Ignition areas




BDF BDE032DM 032BG ESKONF Location


I'll plod on adding bits as and when, to build the major locations of the 2.8 24v's as best I can at least if you need to tweak your ecu or disable something. I think someone's building an xdf publicly on Nefmoto so you can literally just use that and add locations in future or vice-versa. 

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  • RBPE changed the title to V6 4MO 24V BDE Tuning
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Hello ,
if you are interested, i'm doing a software to calculate the KRKTE for ME7.1.1 3.2 VR6 BDB (ok ME7 ME7.1 ME7.5)

I working in winols I almost finished my mappack VR6 3.2 BDB ME7.1.1 80% 

Looking forward to discussing with you about VR6 ME7 tuning

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