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2.8 24v vr6 turbo - limitation of standard vr stroke?

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On 16/11/2017 at 10:25 PM, VAG-Slag said:

Simple enough question - If building a forged vr6t based on a 2.8 24v, what's the limitation of sticking with the standard vr stroke instead of going r32 stroke?


Basically, will I have any difficulty seeing 600+ HP with the correct supporting mods? . . Any advice/input appreciated





We have one 32 running 560 hp. 

Bottom 32 forged end re built with upgraded pistons. 

Going for more power with better injectors. 

No difficulty and obviously FP upgrade and all depends on who maps your car.



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The usual over and undersquare engine variances really that's all, all these engines are designed as low revving torque monsters like most VAG engines. You can make 600+hp on any of them really, read the description of this for example, not sure of the hp but the times would suggest a fair amount, likely 700+ as stock on a 12v, other engines pretty much similar in terms of durability;




Generally on oem bore/stroke peak hp is around the oem 6800rpm limit, even 1000hp ones with an 8500rpm limit have peak power at 6800rpm due to the fundamental dynamics from what I've seen, so no need for high revs for power, just gears. Bigger ports etc in R32 would ultimately flow more, same with porting/polishing/big valves etc but as said, a lot is in tuning and working out where you want power, even big ports can affect low end for the top... so 600+ is achievable on any, you want more low end, displacement increase, can affect max revs obv given over/undersquare changes, but where's the spool on your turbo, what power band are you happy with and so on? That vid you would think they're not too bothered about low end then for drag so no need to run low end keeping it in high revs and boost, unless he uses it daily in which case turning down the boost would help at the low end and spool......lot's to weigh up!


Best bet would be to look at the logs/dyno plots of any and their respective set ups, plenty about on net and here in places.


Also, if new to VR's, think low revving torque monsters & learn how to change gear faster! ;) 7500rpm/1000hp/stock 02M example;


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