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Golf mk3 vr6 highline

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Hi. Welcome to the sale of my golf vr6 highline in black (black magic) the reason for sale is that we are in the middle of moving house and it came far quicker than we thought so i need to free up some cash and it was either the vr6 or the scooby that had to give way, and with me being a jap kind of guy the scooby had to stay :(


Saying that the golf is a lovely car and i enjoy driving both for their own reasons. Anyway here is a list of what the golf has had done while ive had it.


Last week it had 2 brand new wishbones/balljoints and track rod ends with uprated bushes.


I had a full service about 6 weeks ago and had a brand new sump pan fitted at the same time


New coilpack, again about 6 weeks ago


Gearbox oil change around 3 weeks ago


New coolant sensor and crank sensor recently


Coilovers have done less than 200miles


Its also has 10mm thicker ht leads and an air filter but im not sure on the name.


Just before christmas it had a full blowover/respray and had 2 new sills professionally fitted so they are soild again, and also had the wheels refurbished and brand new quad headlights fitted at the same time.


The seats in there i got them from a member of the forum and they came out of a car that had done less than 50k so they are in very good condition!.


Everything works as it should, electrics, mirrors, windows etc and the abs light comes on and goes off straight away like it should! The car drives faultless with no noises, chain rattle or any leaks as it should!


The guy i bought the car off didnt have any service history with it but as he was a well known member on the corrado vr6 forums and he had his fair share of vr6s i had no issue with it as he was also an enthusiast, but i have all the reciepts for the work above that i have had done!


When i bought the car he said it had a 6 branch manifold on there and a serbring exhaust, it is pretty quiet but gives that lovely vr6 tune when its higher in the revs!


The car has done 118k and was previously an auto but has been professionally converted to a manual


The car will also come with a short shifter with new bushes so the gear changes will be short and precise.


Overall the car is in excellent condition unlike alot for sale that claim to be! It does have a couple of things that could do with sorting


Its only got 1 key and the alarm doesnt work! Never bothered me as i use a disklock


There is a rip in the steering wheel


1 crack in one of the lower indicators


No CD player.

So really they are nothing at all and if they were fixed you wouldnt notice anyway hemce why i havent bothered, the car gets looks everywhere it goes and the amount of times ive been asked to sell it to them while filling up at the petrol station is crazy lol.


Im asking for £2500 OVNO as there are a few out there that are no were near this and are more...it is priced to sell but im not desperate at all. Thanks for looking! My number is 07758243030 if you want to get in contact with me. Thanks for looking ashley,


Car located in the bolton/wigan area20170409_175019.jpg20170409_174936.jpg20170409_174921.jpg20170409_174916.jpg20170409_174901.jpg20170409_174855.jpg20170409_174849.jpg20170409_174840.jpg20170409_174830.jpg20170409_174804.jpg20170409_174742.jpg20170409_174732.jpg20170409_174717.jpg

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