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The replacement engine I bought, OBD2, none air con, 98K.  I will have to swap over all the air-con stuff as I want to keep it on this car, I may even fit climatronic at a later date. 

After taking a think about this car, I have decided I am going to change the engine, but not for the decent one I already have in my garage.  So I found another engine locally, with under 100k on

Refurbished injector bar, new gearbox mount, refurbished center section from front engine mount, in zinc primer and 2K gloss black.       Custom front engine mount. Using a polyurethane 

Spent the last 2 weekends
touching up stone chips blending them in with 3000grit, 
wet sanding small scratches with 3000 grit, 
cutting lacquer back, 
and detalting the body work, 
I'd say between the 35-40 hours in total. 


In order it went: 
clean and wash car, clay whole car, to remove any small tar spots or contaminates on surface. 
check whole car for stone chips and scratches. 
Clean stone chips of any existing wax or crap built up in them, 
touch up with colour coded paint and lacquer mixed together, 
(this takes a very steady hand, tiny paint brush, a lot of patients and quite a long time) 
build up the paint in thin layers, only trying to fill the chip not the surrounding area. 
Once slight higher than the paint surface leave to dry for 24h.

3000grit scratches out while waiting for touch up to dry, 
(this sounds easy but can really mess your paint up if done wrong, 
you don't want to push to hard or sand for to long and sand/burn through the lacquer down to paint surface, 
make sure area is nice and clean, and your not dragging small spots of tar, or small bits of grit or crap around with the sand paper. 3000 grit is very very fine, the smallest contaminate will be rougher than the 3000 grit sand paper, and leave deeper scratches.
This is why I clayed the car first to help with this. Also listen to the sanding, you can hear it sounds like it scratching more or deep, stop, clean area and clean sand paper or get new sand paper) 

After 24h 3000grit sanded the touch up back and blended them in, (Blending them in takes a good eye for detail. Sand to far and you can remove most of the touch up as most of them were very small. Not enough and you end up with a none smooth surface. It takes a lot of time and keep clean area and checking its not gone to far.)



Then did the usual detail of car, 
Tape up all areas I don't want to get cutting compound on. 
Cutting compound - Meguiars diamond cut , with compound pad - Menzerna compound pad, 5.5" + 3".
Paint sealer - Chemical Guys blacklight, with medium pad - Dodo juice medium 6" pad ,  2 layers whole car. 
Wax layer - Dodo juice blue velvet,  with polishing pad - Dodo juice finishing 6" pad. 2 layers whole car. 
Final wax layer - Dodo juice purple haze pro, with polishing pad - Dodo juice finishing 6" pad. 2 layers whole car. 



Some of the stuff I used. Plus I used a lot more than in photo. 



Photos on a none sunny day so the don't really do it any justice, hopefully get some better ones soon. 



Paint reflection on none sunny slight cloudy day. 

Can even see the 3 very thin phone lines infront of the clouds  :) 


Paint reflection. 

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