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Running rough after turbo

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Hi guys

I've just installed a turbo on a friends vr6.

I fitted

263 cams

3mm spacer plate

Arp head stud kit

440cc injectors

Front mount intercooler and pipe work

My question is why does it now run so rough, it's miss firing and won't Rev up.

I re checked the timing today and I noticed the lower inlet manifold had little puddles of petrol in it so I changed the injectors to 315cc ones that came with the turbo kit it idles a bit smoother but still won't Rev up.

Is this down to the ecu not having a map for the bigger injectors.

I thought I would be able to run the car on really low boost till it gets mapped.

Maybe I'm wrong. Could someone shed some light on this please.

Many thanks

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I was told that with superchargers you couldnt run the red injectors until it had been maped because it flood out. Thats what vince told me from stealth. Try the standards in there and see what youve got. Did you use a 2mm head spacer and two metal head gaskets? Or a 3mm spacer and two head gaskets? Ive read on here people had run them with bigger injectors and low boost. But then again you never know whats true or fairy land school boy talk on forums these days.

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Mine was running like shit today as well... overfueling like crazy... running on 4 cylinders....  pressed the accelerator en bam.. engine died...


my paintguy forgot to tighten a intercoolerhose... tightened the clamp and BAM... power back on !


But to burst your bubble... your car isnt going to run a little boost without being mapped mate

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If you still use the standard MAF and MAP with 440s, it will over-fuel like f'ck.   Fit a 4" MAF housing and it will run better, but it will still need to be mapped.   If you need to drive it somewhere to get mapped, refit the standard injectors and don't let the turbo go into boost.  Keep the engine load light and the revs down and it shouldn't boost up.

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