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VR6 Both Timing Chains Snapped :(

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I know this is my first post but I have been on here for a while and finally signed up today as I'm needing a bit of advice.

Well I stripped my vr6 down and it appears both the upper and lower timing chains have snapped. Dont know whats caused it to happen as the engine was only on 98k but here are some pictures of the valves and a bit of the chain tensioner I found inside.




I'm going to replace all the valves but will I need new valve seats or new lifters aswell ?

Also what can I use to clean the whole head to get all the oil and carbon deposits off ? Can I just use any degreaser or what ?

What can I use to clean the top of the pistons to get all the carbon off aswell ?

Thanks guys

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I have a head that has been skimmed and pressure tested just 4 weeks ago and is 100% pucka, also had the valves re seated and new stem seals fitted.. Has 2.9 corrado cams in there aswell for extra bhp and all the cam pullys aswell.. Ill do it for £150 posted

just a case of a gasket and new bolts and away you go...

Pm me if needed mate, once paid you could have it by the weekend, save you getting new valves and lifters etc.. I have a receipt from the engineer for proof of the work i had done...

Pm me your number if you want to talk about it and ill give you a ring...

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