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OBD2 Vag Com Measuring Blocks?

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I was just wondering if anyone knew what some of the unlabelled measuring blocks where on the vagcom, for the engine? I know that there are other readings that are covered but aren't labelled.

I understand obd1 only covers 01 to 06 and these are explained in the bentley, but what about odd2?

I list of all measuring blocks covered on a obd2 VR6 would be well handy.

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Group 000, General Engine Data, (no normalization)

Groups 001 - 009 General Engine Data

Groups 010 - 019: Ignition & Misfire Detection

Groups 020 - 029: Knock Control

Groups 030 - 049: Mixture Control, O2S Heating, Catalytic Converter

Groups 050 - 059: Engine Speed Control

Groups 060 - 069: Throttle Valve Control

Groups 070 - 079: Emission Control Systems (EVAP, Sec. AIR, EGR)

Groups 080 - 085: Control module identification

Groups 090 - 098 Camshaft & Intake Manifold Control

Groups 099 & 100: Compatibility Groups

Groups 101 - 109: Fuel Injection

Groups 110 - 119: Load Registration & Boost Pressure Control

Groups 120 - 129: Communication Between Control Modules

Groups 130 - 137: Engine cooling

Groups 140 - 147: BDE

Groups 160 - 169: Lambda Control for SULEV-ULEV

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