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Help needed

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probably,a bit of a guess, undo the rear engine mount and jack up the engine slightly so that it goes underneath.

i haven't done the drivers side on mine, only the passengers side fortunately...

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Right then here we go.


As you can see the sump in the way of the bolt.


Solution undo the 13mm bolt first to remove the bracket that holds the 2 conectors so as not to damage them. Then there is a 17mm bolt through the mount into the chassis.


Like so not too bad to get to. Then jack the engine up(use a piece of wood so you dont damage sump) you then have acces to the whishbone bolt


Then undo rear wishbone bolt, antiroll bar linkage, bottom ball joint (3 bolts). I also took off the hub nut to allow better access and the track rod end, put it all back together in reverse order and hey presto.

Hope this helps

Thanx to everyone for the advice Tongy

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