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Oil level...

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How long do you have to wait to check the oil level after the ignition is turned off?

So, I wait for about 15 mins to check it, and find the level 2 mm below the minimum.

I'm a little bit scared, so I fill it to about 1 mm under the max.

I put the car into the garage, and the next day I take a look again at the level, and suddenly

it's about 3-4 cm's above the max... *-)

Ow, and how much oil should there go in? is it 5 liters without the filter change and 6 including?


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u plum wait till your car is stone cold so all the oil is all settled and then check the level and top it up to high.

Never do it when your car is warm as it gives a false indication as the oil is stuck all over the internals of the engine and not settled in the sump.

The engine takes 6 litres but just check it as u top it up

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