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  1. Hellraiser

  2. Hellraiser's VR6 -> Other rims...

    Thanks! Had to sell the VR because I was a little bit tired of all my ongoing projects (beetle, golf, passat) that I decided to sell the lot and buy something else. Didn't know that I coud store so many parts in one garage, it looks like a dancehall now But I'm very sure that I'll buy myself a VR again, one day...
  3. Hellraiser's VR6 -> Other rims...

    Hi lads, sorry to say I've sold my VR... ... but something new came up Greetings,
  4. Hellraiser's VR6 -> Other rims...

    There was rust, now there's primer The car's a project and I hope to finish it against next summer
  5. Hellraiser's VR6 -> Other rims...

    Nope :-p Think the standard GT-rims look better under the VR, and a lot easier to clean :-p
  6. this http://www.pagershop.nl/product_info.php?products_id=605&osCsid=56aa1e5471ae2bb69cde414d9a87da6e is the direct link. Don't cost much either, Only 20€ for models after 1993 and about 40€ for models before that year because they still have the 4-pins connector.
  7. I bought it from www.obd2shop.nl it's a dutch online shop. They deliver the cable and a free trial version of VAG-COM. I found a fully registered version of VAG-COM via TorrentSpy. Greetings, Johan
  8. I'm in the same situation at the moment, little bit of smoke when the car is idling, and started to misfire a few days ago but had some lack of maintenance, so going to do an oil change and replace the plugs and leads also bought myself a 2nd hand laptop (Dell Latitude CPx) and waiting for my OBD-cable and VAGCOM.
  9. Oil level...

    If it's warm it's below the minimum, and when it's cold, it's just under the max. *-)
  10. Oil level...

    The manual said to check after a few minutes when the engine was still warm... *-)

    1992 All original, Dusty Mauve