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VR4.... on and off

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Evening all..

Was driving home the other day and the trusty old girl started to misfire. Pulled over and managed to ascertain that cylinders 1 and 6 were not firing. Closer inspection revealed a nice crack in the coilpack.

So I got a tow home, left her overnight and started her up in the morning - no problems. Just trying to figure out why there is no problem on a cold start. Could it be that as the coilpack warms up and expands, the crack get bigger and lets moisture in causing a misfire?

Also, can anyone explain to a mechanical dumbass why a coilpack fault would lead to 2 cylinders not firing? Just curious!


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Well, had the coil pack replaced - no more misfire, so problem sorted. And what a difference it makes to the performance - acceleration is MUCH better. Had to go for a burn to reacquaint myself with the old girl!!

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