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Where the maps and locations are in the ecu's of various V6 4 motion and R32 vehicles. ME7.1.1. DIY Tuning map repository.
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  2. Some links; You can use files from here to build your own definition file if you haven't got flashing tools yet; I'll probably use them for demonstration purposes. http://www.chip-tuner.hu/original_ecu_files/files/VW/ I don't use it myself commercially, but the winols demo is good to learn on here; https://www.evc.de/en/download/down_winols.asp Free hex editor here; https://mh-nexus.de/en/hxd/ Most make xdf files to use Tunerpro for tuning, which can be found here; http://www.tunerpro.net/ Cheapest standalone check
  3. Will edit soon, new layout; Main torque maps in the ecu's, KF (kenfelder - map, M - moment/torque) - are KFMIOP and KFMIRL - essentially the main torque maps for the central torque monitoring ecu's - some locations and info (to be edited); Note - 022906032 is the usual ecu number for ME7.1.1. - BG is the commonly used BDE code between tuners, 032E is the one often used for AUE none twin vvt ecu's, will update with more info when needed; BDE v's a tuned HX35 turbo AUE; Notice how the AUE turbo has IOP modified to be maxxed at any load

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