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  1. Thanks dude... getting there slowly but surely <tuffty/>
  2. Couple of little jobs done over the past week.... Painting the new rear calipers... Doing a bit of tweaking on the map and adding in timing up the top of the rev range while fine tuning the VE table.. I changed the view from kPa to PSI as I think this tends to make it a little more relatable so as you can see I am currently running a mere 16psi... the reported power is a little unbelievable tbh, it really doesn't feel like 560hp but I plan to get the car back on the dyno for another few runs so I can check my cha
  3. Bunch of parts that have turned up this week for sorting stuff out on the car... A pair of brand new TRW rear calipers (with audi logo's as they are an OE supplier) that cost £35 each in the Autodoc Black Friday sale.... new pads for the rear (just std Brembo jobbers), Mintex M1155's for the front, new rear brake lines, RBF600 fluid, brand new aircon pump, brand new aircon dryer and a cabin panel filter Just need to find the time to do this lot lol <tuffty/>
  4. Grabbed some time in-between playing BF 2042 to hook up the wiring for the vac pump MAP sensor... Added the senor input to ECU pin 11 as a User defined input This then popped up the relevant menu item in the sensors section and scaled it to be the same as the main MAP sensor (they are the same 3bar sensor) ....and took a quick trip to Mexico to get some data and also to check the coolant temps now the CFS rad is on... Obviously the main fix to the brakes was fixing the split pipes and ultimately the vac pump is more to support the
  5. Thought it would be a good idea to crack on with sorting the brakes as it seems a fairly good idea for a 1.5tonne 500hp car to have some Made up the loom for the vac pump... Routed the cabling through the main loom to pick up where I had wiring for the second MAP sensor I had originally planned to use for the Color MFA... ...and spliced the MAP wiring in.. The sensor wire is already next to the ECU so I just need to add that in and configure the input to be able to see the vacuum in the servo line... I have not done that
  6. So here we are again... front off the car to sort out some the 'minor' problems of the aircon pipe and charge pipe clearance.... The aircon pipe needs to have a straighter exit from the back of the pump as its current angle means it just goes straight into the fan... ...a bit of tactical persuasion later.... Yay!... I then slotted the fan pack mounts a bit so I could lift it up a little higher to gain some space for the charge pipe and reassembled the front end... with a bit of jostling about of the clip mounts I got the clearance I needed
  7. Didn't feel like I got much done today but progress is progress.... First up was to address the power steering 'cooler'... the S3 one that loops around the front of the engine forms part of the return circuit for the PAS... on most 1.8t's the return goes from the rack and straight into the fluid reservoir but on the S3 and other K04 turbo'd 1.8t's there is an extra loop for additional 'cooling' capacity... this pipe ('L' shaped) was not fitting too well as it was with the VR but now I have changed to the 4-motion PAS pipework its even more in the way (although as it turns out the 4
  8. I have taken some time off work to get the car into a drivable state... fitting the CFS rad and keeping the aircon has been a bit of a challenge and that challenge hasn't ended yet!... When trying to secure the slam panel properly it was evident that some more modding was required... first task was to mod the slam panel itself.. this required a couple of cut outs to allow the repositioned dryer canister to 'fit'... (it's still jeffing tight!!!) Once done it allowed the rad pack to fit properly into the slam panel... offering it back up to the c
  9. Bill has kindly given me a corner out of the crappy weather so I can do some work on the S3... CFS radiator, vr6 PAS pipework and the fuel rail plus the vacuum pump will be going in over the next couple of weekends... I had an issue with one of the GSF fans (new at the time of fitting the VR6 in)... I had been getting quite a large vibration from the fan when they were on and turns out that the larger fan was the culprit and the blade assembly had come loose ...so a bit of locktight later and it (and did the smaller fa
  10. Small update on progress and ongoing 'projects'... The charge pipe got some tabs welded on so that I could make a support bracket to hold it in place As ali is notorious for stress fracturing from vibration I decided to use isolating bobbins to try and mitigate that... Added and extra strap to help with support... I still need to make a second bracket for the other tab but as yet not had the time to work out where that will go as its a little less straight forward... but will update once I have done that.. Obvi
  11. All going well so far... have done a few more bits and bobs that I plan to post up about soon... just waiting on parts as per usual One thing that did take me by surprise was the effect on the coolant heat... I know that VR's tend to run a little hot anyway but even when I had the 20v in at 620hp the standard rad and cooling setup kept that at 90 degrees all day long... but for whatever reason if I go for a bit of spirited driving the water temps get to 100 (have seen 104 deg in the logs) pretty quickly and of course as I still use the oil/coolant heat exchanger the oil temps star
  12. Bit of progress with DSG related stuff.... After a bit of deliberation I acquired a different DSG selector... this one is from a Polo 6R (2011)... this 'should' work fine and is the same as one used by a friend of mine on a DQ500 gearbox.. it being from a 7spd vs 6spd should not make any difference as all it does is tell the gearbox what drive mode to be in or in manual mode to change up or down... My mate has retained the Polo knob and trim but its not the best fit... so I bagged an S-Line version... The other real difference on this selector s
  13. So this happened!.... Initial run off the back of my tuning trip in 'Mexico' netted 485hp... this was at a shade under 1bar as I needed to tweak the imax up a bit for it to achieve the 200kpa request up top... Had a couple of runs just faffing but it was evident I was running out of spring rate in the wastegate as raising imax was having diminishing returns on boost... For the final map I bumped specified boost up at the top end to 210kpa as I was seemingly stuck at 490 odd hp... Boost map ended up as... ...with integrator
  14. So while I was in 'Mexico' it seemed rude not to enable the N75 and build the boost map First iteration was to get to 180kpa or 0.8bar/12.6psi from my actuator pressure of 0.5bar/7.25psi.... Set the 'P' of the PID control to 0.1 from the map file wizard settings to give a bit tighter control... Then set the limp mode over boost threshold to 185kpa ...and finally as an added safety I set the over boost throttle limit to 30% at 200kpa in the egas throttle modifiers On to the boost map... top line is 180kpa w
  15. For the past couple of days I have been in Mexico pretending to be a 'tuna'!... VE map is in a happy place now for actuator pressure and trims are looking good... Next up.... N75 controlled boost <tuffty/>
  16. Thanks all... been a fairly intense week... my arms and hands look like they have been mauled by a hundred cats and my feet feel like I am walking on gravel bare foot... but... its been worth it.... Yesterday started off fine... not knowing when the flexi would turn up I turned to plan Z... use the flexi from an OE drain I had... After quite a lot of faffing about Franken Drain was brought to life!!!... Happy with myself I went to grab some lunch and as I finished that a delivery arrived... Well fark a duck!!!... so oil drain v2 or t
  17. This weekend has been mostly doing the fiddly bits and making stuff fit up right... I needed to wire up the turbo afterrun pump and make a bracket to hang the oil feed, turbo coolant return and EGT probe wiring off... The oil feed filter needs a 45 deg fitting which is on order to get a better run without bending the pipe too much... After run pump is switched off the original feed that has now been connected to the VR's after run pump... this means that it will work off its own power at the same time as it always did when on the 20v... I m
  18. Today was a day of mostly final assembling and tweaking of things.... I double wrapped the downpipe... managed to survive this without itchy arms and soaked the wrap in water to make it a bit easier to work with I added some extra heat shielding where the wastegate runs... ...and added a little extra to the knock sensor... this is mostly covered by an extension on the exhaust gasket on that side but doesn't hurt to have some extra protection... I am still waiting on the flexi for the oil drain fabrication so did a final mock up
  19. Super hero Alex finished the welding on the downpipe... ...while I worked on the cooling system.... Fabricated the hard pipe to replace the one that runs along the back of the heatshield to the expansion bottle.. ...and the coolant feed to the turbo... Then cut out the hole in the charge pipe for the dump valve... Today was a day of fitting the turbo, taking the turbo out, fitting it again etc while I made sure everything still fitted and made sure all the coolant lines lined up, the
  20. So on to what proved to be the trickier part of the downpipe... the wastegate pipe work... this was a bit of a challenge mostly due to space... or more space where the wastegate pipework seems to want to go naturally.... I had removed the driveshaft for better access plus I needed to change an outer CV boot anyway but it was proving quite difficult to get room to work so I just marked up the hotside and DP positions and took the whole lot over to the bench to work on it out of the engine bay... much easier... This allowed me to position the pipework much easier and gave
  21. It would appear that the years of a desk job is starting to catch up with me lol... 3 days of working on the car and I am stiff as a board (fnarr!)... anyhoo... more done today First job was to fabricate the turbo coolant lines... ...done... well... nearly... waiting on a 'barb' to weld onto the end of the shorter line so I can connect it up to the hose that feeds it... Next up... I fabricated the charge pipe... main reason for this was I need to work out how much room I have to play with for the turbo after run pump that will be fitted under the batte
  22. Downpipe day.... a little bit rusty (no pun etc) at making these but got into the groove fairly quickly.... one thing I did actually achieve today was to use the TIG welder... Previously I just tacked the stuff together using a MIG but that only had mild steel wire in it and the wrong gas for stainless so had a crack at TIG.... ...ok... its just a tack weld but!... its a bit of a milestone for me considering how long I have been doing this level of work lol... that said... I did end up blowing a fair few holes in things until I got a bit more comfortable with it..
  23. Some more progress today.... after the issues I had with the pattern part sump the only thing left to do was to mod the OE sump and hope this would weld better Removed the boss on the sump and drilled a suitably sized hole... ...and thankfully the OE sump welded fine So fitted that back on the engine and went to the next job... Next job was to remove the NA exhaust manifolds and downpipe... I ended up having to cut the downpipe to remove it (won't be using it again anyway)... ...leaving
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