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  1. Has anyone got kicking about a supercharger kit for a 12v
  2. Alright all. Hopefully this group can provide much needed help during my soon venture. Story is as followed. Been an Audi nut for a few gens don't hate. Mainly the old scene from 80 sedan, Quattro 90 Sedan Quattro, URS4 avant, S2 coupe RS2 and currently S4 B5 Avant. Love the inline 5 and V6 tt. But now with 3 kids and one moaning missus due to how cramp riding in an avant has become time to part ways and join the MPV crew. Where this all ties up is I found a Sharan VR6, suddenly the pending doom of joining those whom has their fun and end up in boring cars, I can move the squad p
  3. Cool build, what inlet and exhaust manifold you end up using? Just curious I'm away to start stock piling parts for a turbo conversion. You managed to get all the wiring harness made up for your ecu pal
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