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  1. I don't know an exact length but if you know the length for supercharged + AC then you just need to find the length of a standard vr6 with no AC which plenty of people have done. Then you can take the difference in lengths and find your number. For example (not real numbers) Belt length for stock vr6 = 100 Length for ac delete = 90 Length of supercharged vr6 = 110 So, Length of supercharged belt without ac would be 100 Not an exact method but will give you an idea *****Best way would be to use a string to wrap around where the belt should be then measure the string
  2. Thanks 5.5 does sound a little low stage 2 should peak at 8psi that really helps with my guestimating
  3. Thanks really appreciate it just such little information online
  4. Does anyone know the dyno numbers for a mk4 vr6 24v 2.8 with the VF engineering stage 2 supercharger kit running 8 psi? if anyone has any input i would love to hear
  5. I have a VF Engineering stage 2 kit on my 2.8 24v vr6. From what i understand the kit is no longer produced and you have to search forums to find people selling it used. Usually $1500 to 4000 depending on condition
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