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  1. Just seen the for sale section, it's had a lot of work done to it then plus the bloke I got it off has had the gearbox reconditioned with the receipt to prove it plus he'd put a sound system in and undersealed her aswel...but he'd sold the wheels obviously, shame that I like those ones it had on
  2. Came from just outside bolton town centre off a bloke called barry and it's already a highline, maybe the guy I got it off bought it from Atherton and the seats was knackered previously
  3. It's either a rebuild and supercharger or an r32 engine conversion ... if I get round to it I'll definitely start a diary thread, it's just the money side at the moment so it'll be a good while off yet, I've no plans on selling the car so it'll get done eventually ha
  4. She scrubs up alright for her age. I wouldn't mind an engine rebuild and supercharging it, that's the long term plan... just the money side of the plan that's the issue haha
  5. Not this weekend I'm busy, i was at tatton park yesterday there was some really nice golfs there. Not many mk3s tbh and only 1 vr6 highline. Would definitely be interested in the club stand next year theres still a few little things to do to the car before its show worthy
  6. Bought some smoked indicators this week aswel makes a nice change from the orange ones that was previously fitted
  7. There was a slice in one of the wires inside the rubber section between the door and the body.. all the motors and switches are fine it was an easy fix
  8. Mine does have an electic sunroof but It works fine and I can't see any signs of it leaking. My cars in the garage on Thursday to have the window fault looked over so I'll let you know what the outcome is.
  9. Mines got a few little jobs that need doing the main one bring tempremental electric windows that had me melting last week in that heat and tracking is slightly out. The keg is just being used as a heat shield round the air intake.. I'm enjoying the car was definitely worth selling my xr4 for
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