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  1. Selling due to timing chain failure don't have time to source a new engine or get it rebuilt as I have just bought a new vehicle as this was being used as my daily. Good points about the car are the interior is immaculate with red and black leather Trim original BBS alloys could do with a refurb new Jerez exhaust full decat. Engine was on 135k new clutch a few months ago. Comes with all paperwork and V5 document only bad point about the car is that the transmission crunches in 3rd gear need to recover the vehicle or tow it if you want it as this is a non runner. You
  2. Can someone diagnose this please, initially thought the engine had seized but it hasn't but there is no compression in some cylinders, the mechanic thinks the timing chain has snapped. Can someone give it a listen please IMG_5062.MP4
  3. I've managed to find an engine with 72k for 550. I would do a rebuild mate but it's gonna cost more than putting another lump in with a new timing chain. Im gonna keep the engine out of mine and gradually re build it when I have the money, plus I wouldn't have a clue wtf I'm doing ? just going to have to get to know the vr inside and out so I can eventually do a rebuild. Thing is my engine got rebuilt in Feb 2016 but they didn't put a new timing chain on with 130k on the engine. I only bought the car under the impression it had been done got receipts for rebuild just
  4. Someone picked it up on Friday mate proper gutting, looks like I may either have to sorn the car until a decent engines pops up or break it unfortunately ?
  5. It's it's gone unfortunately mate ? Thanks for the heads up tho pal I appreciate it ?
  6. Evening guys the dreaded happened and my engine seized on Friday on my way home from Manchester and is completely dead. I really don't want to scrap the car because I love it and is my dream car I've always wanted one since I was a teenager, to say I'm gutted is a understatement. If anyone has a spare or can point me or even sell me a second hand one I'll make sure you are sorted out. You can contact me anytime on 07516121464 cheers ✌️
  7. Evening guys well the dreaded happened my engine seized up driving back from Manchester on Friday night and I'm absolutely gutted. I don't want to scrap the car because I love it but I'm in need of a new engine as soon as really as my car is a daily. If anyone can help me out or point me in the right direction to a decent second hand engine I will sort them out. You can ring or txt me on 07526121464
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