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  1. I did have an intermittent miss under load on cylinders 1,2, and 5. The misfires were also present whenever I would spray the engine down to clean it and I could see it arcing all over the place, so obviously the coil pack was cracked. Which is what made me decide to replace it and hope that it was the cause of the miss under load. I did some searching around for a more reliable coil pack when I ran across the mustang coil pack swap. I also work at a Ford dealership in the US so the parts were easily accessible, so I figured why not try it. I was amazed at the difference it made. The misses were gone completely, and the throttle response was amazing. I do agree with your thought of trying to get it running smooth first, and I'm not sure that it would fix your issue. But if your going the route of a coil pack, I would definitely recommend going for mustang coil pack because of how cheap it is and how much of an improvement I felt. When I was testing it to make sure it would work, I didn't cut the brackets or anything so I could reassemble the original coil pack if I needed to. And I could post pictures of my "temporary" upgrade if you're interested
  2. I actually did this v6 mustang coil pack swap on my 12v vr6 and noticed a considerable difference http://www.roflwagens.com/showthread.php?8271-12v-VR6-Ford-coilpack-swap-(MK4-MK3)
  3. BUILD: high compression + W/M + long intake cams

    Have you checked Techtonics Tuning? Idk about the 24v vr6 but they have a pretty good selection of all around parts for the 12v vr6 wether your going N/A or forced induction including pistons and cams. I've personally been looking into going forced induction with my 12v and I've heard good things about Wiseco low compression pistons, but I would have to image they have some pretty decent higher compression pistons. Unfortunately I don't have any personal experience with them yet, but I think they're worth at least looking into