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  1. I must say, I have had a little browse, just out of interest, for one of the Mustang coil packs, as reliability would be great. However they do seem somewhat tricky to find, let alone get one to the UK. Yes please, MPH12 if you do have a pic handy of your temp upgrade I think it would be worth seeing, just in case I do find a Mustang coil pack. Since I posted we have had, rain, frost, hail and sun, all of which I don't seem to be able to connect to any performance change, I know the car likes the cold, that is easy to tell, but as for the missing, it's reduced somewhat since posting...??? arrr.. but I have had to turn the key twice on two occasions, as it did not catch the first time... hmmm. It has it's MOT Tuesday so I shall ask if they can plug it in, see if any errors come up, also if there are any other air sensors that could be changed...? Any pointers on where a Mustang coil pack could be bought from may well be of interest! :-) Cheers
  2. Thank you! I appreciate the offer :-) But i am in East London, a little too far i feel I dìd keep my old coil pack as it was not an obvious improvement when i put the new one on... slight but not obvious... I may try the old one again, but yesterday it pulled better than it has in ages...?? Weird Can coils be intermittant? I must say it does get rather hot under the bonnet! If they are sensitive to heat its not suprising they fail...who designed that tut tut tut
  3. Just checked, Beru coil pack, Pitch black outside, and pitch black when looking at the coil pack..... basic test I guess! NGK Laser Platinum Plugs. :-)
  4. Thanks for the thoughts. I am pretty sure I searched out a decent coil pack, I shall check what I installed tomorrow, that has been in around 18 months. Yes I have Magnecor 8.5 leads, and have been using Shell V-Power for 2 years now to keep things clean...I believe! Plugs went in 18 months ago, original design spec alternative, seem to remember NGK... Mustang coil pack looks an interesting project. How can one be sure it is the coil pack playing up? - Oh I guess watch it in the dark? I am wary of spending time a money on such an interesting project just in case the problem is somewhere else and still persists. Smooth running is first priority :-) and then playing after ;-) Do you think it may be worth seeking out the ECU and checking all connections are clean and tight on there?
  5. Hi, I wonder if you maybe able to help. I fancied a little more acceleration than my 174k mile 1.9TD somewhat economical but slightly knackered Sharan, I ended up with a 54k mile 1998 2.8 Sharan :-), it was slower than my plodding TD ?? but had a new MOT and was not rusty! I don't mind a little simple maintenance so thought it would be a nice little project to get some power back. First I changed leads, slight increase in pulling power and less missing for 2 days and then it dropped back in performance, Coil pack, again slightly better for 2 days and then dropped back, Cam sensor, biggest improvement yet, only missed around 2k, 3k, 3.5k and 4k rmp once fitted, improvement in power once again dropped back after 2 days..??? Lambda same, slight improvement and then 2 day rule kicked in ??? Poor thing then started to have starting problems so tried temp sensor, and MAF, that cured that. Crank sensor, helped more. Eventually running with no missing and no 2 day revert back towards lower power.. I don't get this 2 day run better and then then reduce in power thing? Anyways, no missing for around a year now, most of my driving is done around town so maybe I should have stuck to a TD, far more economical Ooops! However when the road is clear 2.8 is far more fun :-D I have noticed the first time one plants ones foot, through the gears not a lot happens acceleration wise, its ok but not fab. On the same journey plant ones foot through the gears for a second time the response is far better. 3rd time and is lovely. Seems to be a pattern, sometime its fine, other times it seems to need a bit of boot through the gears to wake it up.?? It has just started to miss and does not start first time here and there, it was missing really quite badly accelerating through the gears the other day pulling away from the lights, but the second time one sped away it was fine and fast..?? So in summery it has been fine for a year, it has started to miss again, but seems a good boot through the gears to wake it up ?? Any ideas? I am thinking I should find the ECU and clean all connections especially the earth one..?? Cheers for any comments!!