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  1. Thanks for the responses, guys. I'll be contacting HPA and Techtonics about a custom build it seems. The suggestion of Techtonics Tuning is great, I do like some of their internals. Never heard of them before, so I'm super happy. Still looking for other info out there, forum stalkers. I know somebody else has tried this build before me...
  2. Hey all, first post here at VR6oc. Needing some advice and guidance on a build I'm attempting to do - big fan of forum scraping and commentary, wanted to see what you guys think! The vehicle in topic is a 2008 .:R32, 3.2L VR6 24v CBRA engine, bone stock and at 77k miles. Let me preface this a little bit; I'm not looking to have a monster modded R32. I'm looking to go a 'safer' route with N/A and gains through efficiency, keeping true to the angry VR6. Classic 'rodder style! Boring the engine a tad, higher strength/larger pistons, longer intake cams for a bit more breath, and w
  3. Hey all, Fritz here from the lovely Bay Area, California. Long time VW enthusiast, short time lurker of vr6oc since I've just purchased my first VR6 a couple of months ago. Had a 2006 GTI for a couple of years, problems made me skip out on it and now my dad has it full time and is putting the money into it. The new baby is a 2008 R32, only 77k miles on it! My current project, and the whole reason I'm posting here. Check out my signature (soon) for a link to my project/assist thread. I need info on a slightly...different power route than most. Mom's new MK7 GTI-PE is a fun littl
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