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    NCVWDRA of Ohio Drag racing at it's finest(member) Project buidler, street racing, and Automotive painting.
  1. What is the mod from the 2.8 12v to a 2.9 in the upper intake manifold. I searched it but only up with just buying a 2.9 euro intake.
  2. This is OBD1 where the TPS #7 is replacable and is not motorized.
  3. Ok if you look inside the door there will be a manufacture sticker. if your car was made after 6/95 you most likely have an OBD2. My motor code is an AAA engine which is OBD1. I have the two volume Bentleys for our cars from 95-97 so Well get it fixed okay?! Good! Here is a basic picture of an OBD2 motor which have an ISV valve(idle Air Control Valve). OBD1 has one to up to 97. Below is OBD2
  4. Ok, 96 and up is OBD2. With OBD2 you can perform a Throttle body adaptation. With OBD1 you can unplug the TPS and see if it runs better but the idle will be high like 2500-3k. What Iam finding out is that because I dont have a signal to the ECM is that the sinal wire has a break in it somewhere in the harness but thats for another day. Let me know what year you have to better assist you!
  5. Part Number: 4554 from Autozone NGK performance plug. $3.49ea. Assuming you have a VR6 V6
  6. NGK's are a good pick. Just search your car for spark plugs for that engine and get NGK.
  7. Check your TPS to make sure it's sending the right signal. I had a recent issue with mine as well with a brand new TPS. Is yours OBD1?! Mine has 268 cams with chip and when in VCDS measuring blocks the TPS wasnt showing a signal to the ECU. I was getting major hesitation drop off unlessI floored it. Worse on the highway where in at 2500-3000 rpm it would just fall on its face as though it was starving for fuel. It was only when I gave it a punch of throttle that it would climb out of it. Once I unplug the connector it ran like a rapped Ape. However the idle jumped up to 2500 then dropped down
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