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  1. Just came across this ad in this months pvw. Anyone used these before and would you recommend this brand? Thanks
  2. Hi. Apologies fir my even later reply! Haha my app stopped working and I kind of forgot about the site for a while. Thank you! No unfortunately I don’t have a build thread just a few photos I took at the time like the ones above. I’ve since completed the Vr6 swap unfortunately not in enough time for the summer due to other commitments. The new plan is to have it up and running with the turbo setup for next summer.
  3. Hi all. Just became a club member so Thought it’s about time I introduced myself. I’ve owned my 91 Corrado for almost 10 years. It’s been my pride and joy. I’ve carried out an almost complete but and bolt rebuild in that time and changed engines from a kr to Abf and now currently finishing off a Vr6 conversion. The plan is to enjoy the Vr6 for the summer and strip it back down over the winter again for a turbo conversion so I’m sure I’ll be on here a lot in the coming future. Thanks , Dave
  4. Hi guys just subscribed today im in the middle of converting my 16v Corrado to Vr6 using a mk3 obd2 donor. Can anyone identify what these 2 plugs are for? Thanks in advance
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