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    HOTSHOT III reacted to VR6CABBS in Feature car of the month - June 2016 (matty.vrt)   
    Good evening Guys,
    Well its been a while since we featured a members car so getting back into the swing of things this is going to be one of many. If you've taken a shine or special interest in a members car like we at VR6OC did with this one and think there car would be worthy of a feature then please drop me a private message. 
    This members car was picked for the shear dedication, effort, time, money and I guess many many man hours that has gone into the build.
    The build has been followed by myself and probably many of you and I can say without question this car is going to be a rocket when finished. So here goes......
    The person behind this awesome car.
    Name : Matthew Lambton
    Forum User Name : @matty.vrt
    Age : 26
    Occupation : Project Leader
    Location : Middlesborough
    Hobbies : Cars
    Likes : Motorsport
    Dislikes : Any other types of sport
    Car Questions.
    First Car : Golf Mk2 1.6 Driver
    Current Car : Golf Mk4 Vr6 4 motion turbo
    Dream Car : Porsche 997 GT2
    Other cars Owned : Audi Q5
    Previous Cars : Golf Mk2 x2, Ibiza Mk2 GTI, Golf Mk3 Vr6 Supercharged, Golf Mk3 Vr6 turbo x2, Corsa VXR, Bmw E46 M3, Audi S3 Stage 2. 
    What got you into Dubs? After reading Max Power as a kid I quickly realised that there was a classier way of doing things then I discovered PVW.
    Best Feature On Your Car? Turbo.
    Future Modifications? Sequential gearbox, R32 bodykit, Nitrous.......
    Favourite Other Members Car? Douglas Flockhart aka Trix or Cook's motor. Guess I'm just a sucker for a clean Mk3.
    Mods and Build.
    R32 BUB block
    NG Motorsport CNC'd combustion chamber
    NG Motorsport CNC'd intake/exhaust
    Supertech valves
    Supertech duel valve springs
    Standard cams
    SPturbo VVT delete cam gear
    SPturbo CNC oil filter housing
    ARP2000 10mm head studs
    84.5mm over bore
    JE 8:5:1 forged pistons
    SPturbo stage 2 rods
    VW R36 rod bearings
    Mk4 BFH crank
    SPturbo main performance bearings
    Don Octane crank girdle
    Don Octane 12.9 main bolts
    P-Motorsports 4" to 2x3" downpipe
    P-Motorsports T4 twin scroll manifold
    P-Motorsports duel plenum intake with relocated injectors
    P-Motorsports injector bungs
    Garrett GTX4202R 1.15 T4 Hot side
    2 x Tial 38mm MVS wastegates
    90mm Corvette Z06 DWB throttle body
    1200cc Precision injectors
    Aeromotive belt drive pump
    Haltech Elite 2500 ECU
    Haltech DIY harness
    Haltech CAN Dash
    Haltech CAN Lamba
    And so on......... You gotta agree this engine build is pretty awesome. 
    378 AP Racing ex-touring car brakes
    Gaz Gold Coilovers
    Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2
    Nankang NS2R track tyres 225/40/18
    Matty's Target
    I plan to use this car on the road aswell as the track. I hope to enter a few sprints and hill climbs and I'm thinking of doing Time Attack next year. Expected power output will be 800 - 1000bhp. 
    General Stuff.
    Blonde or Brunette? Blonde
    Takeaway or Home cooked? Depends who's cooking
    Tea or Coffee? Coffee
    Euro Look or USA Look? Euro
    Soaps or Documentary? Documentary, seriously if Sky only has a Discovery Channel I would still pay for it.
    Mates or Dates? Mates. Unless the girlfriend is reading this (dates honey, every time) haha.
    Pubs or Clubs? Pubs
    Sun Seeker or Thrill Seeker? Thrill
    Larger or Spirits? Larger
    Dogs or Cats? Dogs
    Nights Out or Couch Potato? Definately a potato
    All Go or All Show? Always want both but performance mods always end up taking priority.
    Winter or Summer? Who likes winter? Has to be summer.
    Tattoo's or Piercings? Tattoo's
    Football or Rugby? Neither. If it doesn't have an engine it's not my type of sport.
    Now for some Pics. 

    View the full build thread here (including more photos!)
    There's some serious work gone into this car and there's more to come. certainly one to follow. This car will be awesome when it hits the road and tares up the tarmac. Keep both hands on the wheel matty. haha.
    Congratulations mate, you have an amazing car........
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    HOTSHOT III reacted to VR6CABBS in Club Event: Tatton Park VW Show 2016 - 08/07/2016   

    Unfortunately this is only a single day event and there's no camping. But feel free to come
    Along for the day if you like. It's a fair old drive for you pal but I've done the long run ones all in a day. Or if you take a look in the events section at VW festival in Leeds next weekend then that one is a full weekend. We (The Club) will be there from the Friday to the Sunday. In my eyes Tatton Park and VW fest are probably the best shows at the moment.

    Let me know what you think and I can get something sorted for you for a pass.
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    HOTSHOT III reacted to Liam_0404 in V6 4Motion buyer's guide?   
    They are great cars are can be easily upgraded! I've got R32 shocks, springs and ARBs to go on mine, straight fit and apparently transforms the car no end! Also pretty much all MK4 bits are cheap! Where else would you get a 204hp 4wd car for the price they're going for!
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    HOTSHOT III got a reaction from Dave_ciw in Hi from Dorset   
    Hi Guys, thanks for the add!
    I joined because i'm after a Golf V6 4Motion, and it would be good to chat on here and learn as much as possible. Looks like an excellent forum/group so i'm going to have a good look around!
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    HOTSHOT III got a reaction from Bealieboy in 4motion service items & oem part numbers (updated 09/03/11)   
    Excellent thread, i'm looking at buying a 4Mo and this has been very useful 
    One thing worth mentioning though, you should never mix DOT 4 and DOT 5 fluid due to DOT 5 being silicone based. According to Wikipedia:
    DOT 5 is one of several North American designations of automotive hydraulic brake fluid, denoting a particular mixture of chemicals imparting specified ranges of boiling point.
    DOT 5 is a silicone-based brake fluid (contains at least 70% by weight of a diorgano polysiloxane[1]).
    Unlike polyethylene glycol based fluids, Dot 5 is hydrophobic.[2] An advantage over other forms of brake fluid is that silicone has a more stable viscosity index over a wider temperature range. Another property is that it does not damage paint.[citation needed]
    Using DOT 5 in a DOT 3 or DOT 4 system without proper flushing will cause damage to the seals and cause brake failure.[citation needed] DOT 5 brake fluid is not compatible with anti-lock brake systems. DOT 5 brake fluid absorbs a small amount of air requiring care when bleeding the system of air.[citation needed]
    Boiling points[edit]
    Minimal boiling points for these specifications are as follows (wet boiling point defined as 3.7% water by volume):
    Boiling point ranges [3]   Dry boiling point Wet boiling point DOT 3 205 °C (401 °F) 140 °C (284 °F) DOT 4 230 °C (446 °F) 155 °C (311 °F) DOT 5 260 °C (500 °F) 180 °C (356 °F) DOT 5.1 260 °C (500 °F) 180 °C (356 °F)