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  1. Idle problem

    also check your air flow mass sensor as well your car shake could also be a warn out engine mount
  2. Idle problem

    sorry about my post earlier I fought it was for mine I put up a while ago lol but I have had idle issues with my vr6 since I had it but finally got to the bottom of it, it was loads of little things more than one big thing, but clean your tb make sure there's no gunk from the crack case breather going back in to the tb, check all your earth's in case but usually it would cause bigger issues than 50 revs hope it helps
  3. car start and idle

    Hi, I having issues with my mk3 golf vr6, when I start the car up in the mornings, or some times throughout the day it will reset all my clocks and struggle to start, it always start but seems to struggle but also it has and idle issue where the revs will sit at 1000rpm instead of 750-800 rpm, it's had all service parts, all earth's checked and replaced where needed new battery, new alternator, new starter motor, coolant temp sensor any one have any ideas? thanks Keaton
  4. Photoshoot - Calling all VR6's / R32's / R's Owners

    It's a shame I don't live closer Sent from my F8331 using The VR6 Owners Club mobile app
  5. Funny idle

    Lovely cheers for the advice much appreciated, my vr6 is a/c delete, and it's had a brand new alternator and battery in the last month I do have to admit I've noticed this a lot more since I put hids on the motor, could a bigger battery help this situation? And I will check my earth from the battery to chassis, I know that the engine to chassis has been replaced Many thanks Keaton
  6. Funny idle

    Figured out my funny idle, i believe something isn't man enough on my motor i.e. Battery, it's when I have my hids climate control and stereo on its causes my car to rev at 850-950 and when I turn off the climate control or hids it makes the car tick over at 750 again and will always stay there so is it my battery isn't man enough for the car?? It's a Bosch battery and it's got 540cca?
  7. Funny idle

    Where can I locate my fpr?
  8. Funny idle

    Still running stock cams but will be hopefully putting in 268 cams soon as I've got to get the lifters done as they knock on col start for 5 mins or so, the car it self runs smooth as, through out all driving it's literally just my idle giving me problems :/ I'll have to get it checked out with vacuum leaks and I bought a new mag from Euros the other day put it on and still no different so I sent it back and got my money back lol
  9. Funny idle

    Hi, I have a early 1998 mk3 golf vr6 2.8 which I've owned for a year nearly. Ever since I've owned the car it's had a mind of its own wile idling, sometimes it'll sit at normal idle of 750rpm and other times it's vary from 1000-850 rpm the idle doesn't fluctuate up or down it will stay consistent at the idle it sits at so I believe that takes possibility of it being the coil pack :/ Since owning the car it has had: New 8mm leads Iridium plugs Timing chains have been replaced Aux tensioner Aux belt Alternator Battery Starter motor K&n air induction (57i) New engine earth has been run Throttle body has been cleaned 2 oil+filter changes And it's been plugged in and has no faults come up It's had loads of other things changed but doesn't involve the engine When my idle sits at a 1000 rpm or at 800 rpm if I switch the car off and start up again straight away it will then idle at 750 but as soon as I start driving again and go to stop it sometimes it'll go back to 750 or most of the time it'll sit at 850-900 It's the only thing wrong with my vr now it's it starting to do my head in [emoji856] lol Any ideas thanks Keaton
  10. Air bag light and abs light after changing the steering wheel

    Cheers fella
  11. Keatonfuller94

  12. Just put a boss kit and an aftermarket steering wheel on my vr6 which doesn't have an air bag, but now my air as light stays on constantly as well as my abs from unplugging the air bag? Any one know how I can stop the lights coming on as in e heard about a resistor to put on the end of the plug?
  13. Rattle noise from lower right rear of engine bay

    Also do you lot know what gaskets are needed to get and etc for replacing the timing chains??
  14. Rattle noise from lower right rear of engine bay

    Ohhh okay fellas cheers, I got told the timing chains are in a different place that's where I'm getting confused but cheers mate