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  1. whenever i try to do the window up, the motor spins until it's up (so it thinks) if it were the door loom why would the motor still go? is there a separate wire for movement of the window?
  2. hey guys, i drive a 94 golf vr6 recently my left rear window wen't down then never came back up again, i took the lining off the door (took long enough) and the motor is still working fine, but isn't pushing the window up for some reason, then today, the right rear window could't be controlled from the passenger button only from the console button i swapped the working left side button to the right side but it didn't work, the button on the console to cancel the rear windows from opening isn't working either, I have recently put a subwoofer in my car which was installed correctly with an amp
  3. hey guys, i purchased a vr6 and it did not come with an owners manual, iv'e looked all over the internet and can't find anything for sale. Is there anyone out there that has a manual they are willing to sell? cheers. P.s, sorry about posting in engine maintenance and problems, i wasn't sure where to post this.
  4. Ill find out if the motor is siezed or not, are you in australia? Thanks for that
  5. Okay great thanks for that, i checked the fuse and it is working fine, the rear washer runs of the fuse aswell so ot cant be the fuse
  6. As im new to a vr6 engine, i have no idea where the idle stabilisation valve is located, would you be able to explain where located?
  7. Hey guys, ive noticed my vr6's rear wiper isnt working, and i suspect it may be the fuse, but the car didnt come with an owners manual, so i dont know which fuse to change, does anyone have a diagram of a 94's fuse box? Cheers guys
  8. Hey guys, this is my first post on this site, i own a 94 golf vr6 ive owned it for one day and when ive been sitting at a red light if i dont feed it revs the engine will shut off randomly, it will start back up again fine but i really want to find the problem before it becomes worse, cheers guys!
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