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  1. headlight help

    Alright cool, will have a look at that. The voltage running to the bulb at the bulb point is floating around the 12v mark. Couldn't do the drivers side as it is plastic capped
  2. headlight help

    I can get a hold of one and check. Will report back once I have checked voltage. Thanks
  3. Hi, I have run into a small issue with my headlights. The headlights on my drivers side are nice and bright, however on the passenger side they are quite dim. I had a spare bulb matching the same specs as the one that was in the passenger side so I replaced it, to find that it is still quite dim. To check there was nothing wrong with the first bulb, I placed it into the drivers side and it was bright, so I know its not a bulb problem. On a side note the fog light on the passenger side works but the drivers side has blown so it needs replacing ( I don't know if this may have anything to do with any power that may be being drawn) Thanks
  4. How long did it take you to find your pride and joy?

    It took me ages... when did forza 4 come out? But one finally turned up, saved up enough, September 2013 woo!!!
  5. Anyone ever seen one of these?

    More grills, because you love them really lol
  6. Anyone ever seen one of these?

    Somehow thought it may have been. Thanks though I wasn't sure of the final result, something a bit different I suppose.
  7. The front Grille. Is this a custom job or does a manufacture make them?
  8. ABS light

    getting it sent off to bba reman. What I their turn around time generally?
  9. ABS light

    thanks for the suggestions. Went to the garage to check it out, it seems that the control module doesn't seem to work as the pump itself works, they showed me that separately, its just the control module is unable to send power/ tell the pump to activate. so they have ordered a new circuit board for the control module. really hope this works
  10. my car has been sitting at the mechanics for almost 2 months trying to sort out an abs problem. After looking for ages I found a pump number which matched my original pump number, however it is throwing up the same fault code as previous. The light comes on when it moves not when idle, (which they have told me). They are going to try a brand new pump. What could be the problem? All wheel sensors have been checked and cables are all ok. I don't have a copy of the fault codes. Will a brand new one fit in with no faults to the system? Sorry for such a lot of writing.
  11. I would also like to know, as I need to replace my pump and ecu I want to know. All I have been told is my ecu is 3A0907379e but I have seen quite a few 3A0907379D with different pump numbers. Are they compatible still if they have come off a gti?