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  1. PM me a price on these, without the tyres and with shipping to NI. Cheers, James
  2. In the meantime worth putting golf mk3 bentley manual pdf into google......
  3. Hi, I'm just wanting to check as my local place doesn't have the mk3 listed for Ac gas amount and the sticker on the slam panel is long gone. I've seen everything from 650 to 850 grams and lots of mention of oil - is the oil lost when the gas leaks? Mine currently has no gas in the system and no leaks, so we went with 650 ( I found online on another forum while waiting!) The Ac seemed a bit better, compressor kicked in but not really cold air, now the compressor isn't engaging. I'd like to be sure before going back to have it checked out? Also, can anyone tell me for sure if the pressure switc
  4. That's your PCV valve that has split, really common because of the tension the hoses put on it, although it looks like someone has also fitted a catch can of some sort in that photo? Replacements are about £45 -50 for new genuine from vw parts international (where I got mine). The other option is to remove the valve and fit an oil catch can - if you're planning to go forced induction that might be worth a look. The neatest solution I had spotted was from 42 draft designs (awesome gti supply them I think), about £120 I think, or you could make that one you have work, plenty of guides
  5. Ok, the sticker and pack has arrived at my mums house (billing address), sorry for being a Knob, thanks!
  6. Hi, I signed up a while back and didn't get a sticker as yet? Thanks, J
  7. I have the similar wheels, no issues on 205.40 Toyo and 195.45 Hankook currently on the car. Did your ones come from a mk4? Think they are not as wide as the mk3 anniversary wheels. You might want spacers then as they sit quite tucked into the arch. The 45 profiles didn't make much difference but look neater imo. Hope this is some help, James
  8. Looking good in this months PVW, loved it when it was blue/black colour at Dubshed, missus couldn't drag me away!! love the yellow too by the way! James
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