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  1. NIJVR6

  2. they look like bbk's..........saw a set 2day that are very very similar
  3. thanks peeps hopefully i will c u there if i can sort out my idlin problem! lol
  4. whats the place called? @craggsy
  5. so its the waterfront at swansea yea?
  6. thanks mate im useless on computers!!!! as u can c lol
  7. i meant location of the event lol my bad 4 not mentionin.i duno if we'll be there for the meal n stuff
  8. can sum1 plz tell me location with postcode and times plz......cant seem to find it
  9. Storing a car over winter

    iv not long took my golf off road and just leave it on my drive over winters!!! i just start her up every so often n drive round a private road on my estate to prevent seizures, i do prob polish her bou twice a month aswell as leave it uncovered
  10. that sounds more like its missin? does it happen every mornin?
  11. more pics more pics more pics lol. fair play mate i need weldin doin in the floor pans but strugglin to find a local mobile welder!!!!! im sure 1 will come up soon
  12. does it do the same when runnin hot? or less severe
  13. takin golf off road 4 winter

    i will prob go for colour coded theme as i wna get a respray aswell but fanks for input ill post picsas im gettin bits done
  14. takin golf off road 4 winter

    here are some pics (after many hours!!!!!)
  15. takin golf off road 4 winter