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  2. oil leak

    thats exactly what i suspected im in process of changing rocker gasket so fingers crossed. Also to save time ive asked a few mercs about doin the head and they all said nightmare. If it is the head il do it myself so is it realy a pig of a job?
  3. oil leak

    have a 93 aaa engine only done 71000miles when engine heats up i get oil leaking its not much but its flicking on the alternator but cant source the leak does anyone have ne ideas before i strip it down
  4. Supercharging a candy white VR6.....

    why are so meny against the turbo conversion?
  5. Supercharging a candy white VR6.....

    i was thinking of getting the turbo kit for around £800 but not sure if this will effect the rest of it as it will be for track use will take the STRAIN.
  6. Supercharging a candy white VR6.....

    still tryin to finish my project fucking nightmare