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  1. Full set of leather heated Seats in Great condition, heat works, in storage for a year. Looking for 300 obo, must be able to pick up. St. catharines, ON, Canada. Need to go.
  2. lacy_starr

  3. Turns Over Wont Start

    Thanx alot guys, it was the fuel pump relay, i changed it and have had no problems since. Such a simple thing this time, pretty inexpensive i got the relay from the wreckers and saved 100 bucks changing it myself.
  4. Turns Over Wont Start

    Kool thanx, if you think of anything els please let me know.
  5. takes a few seconds to fire up????

    Why wouldnt the fuel pump prime? how would you fix that? mine does that but it doesn't start for whole days, I try it till my batt. dies, IT SUX
  6. badly running car !

    I had a similar problem with my car, I starting using fuel injector cleaner all the time and it completely stopped. I know it seems simple but its worth a try.
  7. Turns Over Wont Start

    Ya im pretty sure the fuel pump is working you can hear it kick on when u turn the key forward. Plus I had it to a mecanic after the accident and told them i thought that might be the problem and they said that wasn't it. Actually they had no problems getting it started, and neither hav i for the last month. And when it does run it runs great. Whrn i first got the car one guy said my fuel pump relay was going or need to be replaced, could it be that?
  8. About a month ago i was rear ended hard, after that for a few days it would not start, it would turn over but not start. Somhow the mecanic tried and started it right away. Ive been using fuel injector cleaner and havn't had any problems with it until 3 days ago i ran it real low on gas (my bad) now it won's start again, ive had it started 3 times in the past 3 days, and when i manage to get it started it runs great, but it took like all day on and off to do it. I had it started last night drove for like an hour parked for like an hour now it hasnt started since then. I replaced fuel filter, its still not working, any ideas?