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  2. Its an OBD2 engine, the coil pack is ok. I have a new set of plugs to go in as Im doing a service on it on Monday. I will check the leads etc when I do that. I thought it could possibly be lamba as it has a little back fire when it splutters. I have a mate with VAG com so Im tempted to get him to just to plug it and see what it throws up Thanks for teh quick reply VR6 Nat^o)
  3. Ok, not long after I got my car back in December my coil pack gave in. So I changed it. Its been running fine until recently when it developed a weird splutter loss of power when the engine is warm. It seems fine when you start from cold (I havent tried since todays problems thought) but today it really started to be a pain. Its starts and wont idle. You give it some gas and its fine, then pull away fine, take your foot off the accelerator and it just dies. Restarts fine then goes lumpy on idle. Has anyone any ideas as to what this could be caused by. All help is really appreciated Cheers Dave
  4. Solihull Meet

    Ooops yeap 14th DOH!
  5. Solihull Meet

    Hows about Weds 15th April at the Wilsons 7.45pm on?
  6. Solihull Meet

    Would a Wednesday night be a good option?
  7. Ok, when I 1st bought the car back in December I noticed it really stank, like hot electrical smell. It started to splutter on occasions and then eventually missfired and ran rough. I found a crack in the coil pack, changed it for a brand new one and it ran fine until the other day. I had done a few short journies and got in it to go home and noticed it flet really sluggish under load and spluttery like it was running out of fuel. Got it back home and it was still coughing and splutering. Switched it of left if for an hour went back out and it drove fine. I havent used the car since as Im a little bit causious. Has anyone an idea of what it could be? All help muchos appreciated
  8. Solihull Meet

    I`d be up for a meet. Wilsons in Knowle, crikey that place brings back some memories. Good ones to lol