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  1. I have a 120k miles VR6 engine out of a Jetta, it was a good runner when removed from the car (car was fully serviced throughout its life) and was destined for my kit car. That isn't going to happen now. It has sat for some years under cover and still turns over freely So before I junk the lot does anyone want the engine and all the bits I removed? I have the loom, ecu, cat, AFM etc, must go as a job lot within the next month or its being weighed in. £50 gets it all.
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  3. How best to give away free Vento parts?

    Okay folks, I'll do some piccies and post them asap.
  4. Hi folks, The time has come to get rid of all my unwanted Vento parts after I took the engine out for my kit car, I have run out of room and am never organised enough to put the stuff up here for sale or eBay. Still, rather than take it down the dump how best do I let members of the forum know that they can come and get what they want for free from Cambridge? I'm going to give it a month like this then it has to go to the tip. Cheers in advance.
  5. "This is just a stock VW part that they sell for double what VW do " You wouldn't happen to know what the part number for the VW part is do you?
  6. Hi folks, I'm now at the point where I'm ready to plan the installation of my VR6 2.8 12 valver into my kit car. Clearly I need to sort out the rear wheel drive issues, gearbox adaptor, suitable clutch, remote oil filter/cooler etc but I was wondering what tuning options there are for these engines? While I'm reluctant to say money is no option I would like to hear of all possible alternative stages of tune that are good value for money and don't involve turbos or superchargers. Are there re-maps, new camshafts or throttle body kits is more what I'm thinking of? Thanks in advance folks.