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  1. 8vgtimk2

    VDO Gauges

    thank you lukeyb
  2. All done a few days ago...fingers crossed it won't leak!
  3. 8vgtimk2

    VDO Gauges

    Should be ok as they are electric senders...correct? So should be wire n play right?
  4. 8vgtimk2

    VDO Gauges

    I have seen a few audi vdo gauges...some with senders some without. Will a 0-5bar oil pressure be enough or would i need 0-10bar? If I get a complete set with/without senders could i the get all the necessary parts at a reasonable price?
  5. 8vgtimk2

    VDO Gauges

    Bearing in mind that I am a complete novice. I would like to install 3 VDO gauges. I know where I will put the gauges in the car but need help in choosing the right ones to make an easy install. 1st, Oil pressure gauge, Can I get one that will splice to a original sender on top of the oil filter housing? Right, regarding oil temp...I will leave that to the MFA. Water temp is indicated on the clocks (well, sort of) So 2nd, Volt meter (naff, i know) 3rd, Lambda, Air/Fuel mixture...I know this one will be a bit expencive if I want a good one. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks
  6. Cheers Paul...will do the above soon.
  7. Is the core plug a tight enough fit or did you have to use something to seal it? Did the old one come out easily?
  8. 1) Fitted crack pipe, mocal oil cooler and ditched the heat exchanger. Now left with two holes, 1) on the crack pipe which can be blocked with a 1/4 NPT plug 2) on the Block itself Should I get a hose made to connect the two holes? or block the hole on the engine block? If so, what's the best way to block this hole? I want to fit the corrado clocks but will the MFA work with my MK2 stalks, CE2 fusebox, if it makes any difference.
  9. 8vgtimk2


    Venom motorsport do a kit which I am going to purchase when I have the funds and they are specific to what you need.
  10. 8vgtimk2

    Lambda probe

    I fitted it the same way you did GVK...thanks!
  11. 8vgtimk2

    Lambda probe

    I used the cone shaped gasket to fit in between the bracket
  12. 8vgtimk2

    Lambda probe

    Would a gasket be supplied to fit in between the 6 branch and de-cat? Got the bracket sorted it is now redy for a de-cat pipe.
  13. where did you manage to do the standing mile...if you don't mind me asking...sounds like fun
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