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  1. hi, the head gasket went on my vr6 golf mk3. i've decided to chop it in a get something a bit newer (thinking golf mk4) due to the cost of the repair. can anyone tell me if the head gasket replacement has the same astronomical amount of work and cost involved on the v5 engined car as it does with the vr6? its basically the same engine so i would have though yes? any info appreciated. anything else to look for when buying the v5? cheers. ian.
  2. well i will prob ebay it as i dont have the time space or inclination to break it myself! ill send you the link to the ad when its on if you want it? its lovely apart from the obvious probs.
  3. basically i am going to need a new car asap. i think im going to buy a tdi or something anyway as my mileage is increasing plus i miss my airconditioning... i dont (or cant) sell the vr like it is for a decent amount so it may be worth me having it fixed then selling it afterwards. not sure how much i'd get for it. only thing is its got other problems like electric windows that only go up and down in increments and a leccy sunroof that opens then wont close! bloody thing! think that may be due to the full closure alarm playing up but that s another story. see my problem here?
  4. witney oxfordshire. quckish, you know how it is without a motor!
  5. i was quoted 800 quid to do the job. you reckon this is extortionate? (that was without the skimming if neccesary and the thermostat housing that needs replacing as its cracked). so could be up to a grand. leaves me in a dillemma as its worth bugger all like it is but i dont want to pay loads to fix a car thats only worth 1500 quid if that! ian.
  6. water in oil so it looks all milky. mayo in cap. missfiring, water coming out the the pressure relief hole in coolant expansion tank, steaming exhaust. going through loads of water. had aa out the other day as cylinder locked on its own water when starting. had to rock the water out of the cylinder. buggered basically. will run but lumpy poor running. cheers, ian.
  7. hi, my headgasket has gone. anyone tried k seal? if so does it work and if it does has the damage already been done to my engine? ian.
  8. mine does it too. anyone know what it is?
  9. how many people have a whine from the gearbox at about 30-35 mph? ive had 2 gti's and a vr and they all do it. just wondering if everyones does it and if so about what mileage it starts and what the cause is. its only a slight whine, quite high pitched, not bothered enough to do anything about it though...
  10. mine whines when cold then it go's away, then when its hot it comes back again. mechanic says it the aux tensioner or 'serpentine' belt tensioner giving up. they whistle when they're going also, sounds a bit like an air leak in fact. you can repair the existing tensioner bearings apparently or get a new one (about 75 quid excluding fitting). just a thought.
  11. hang on just gotta figure out how to upload this damn picture...
  12. hi all, the whistling i noticed has started to get worse and this has given me the chance to identify where it is coming from. please see the attached picture. i have circled in red the part of the engine that the noise is coming from. can anyone tell me what this part is please? when i rev the engine it's like there is a vacuum leak or something coming from around here.
  13. anyone got a picture of the idle stabilization valve in the engine bay? Google images was most unhelpful surprisingly.
  14. thanks for the suggestion. if it were the isv would the car not have a dodgy idle all the time? the car idles perfectly when warm and the idle is controlled when cold but just quite high which i believe is normal. its the actual noise that is disturbing.
  15. no that makes sense thanks. just a bit weird how the car sounds so crappy when its started up from cold (sort of like a metallic grinding noise coming from somewhere teamed with this hoover style noise! its really odd how after the car hits 50 degrees c it dissapears and turns back into its gruff vr6 sounding self. you can start and stop it as many times as you like but the noise is only there when stone cold, this obviously points to something to do with the oil temp. my old gti 8v sounded fine when started from cold, is it a vr6 characteristic? (?)
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