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  1. tk vr6

  2. Whats your colour??

    Typical eh... No offence dear :-p
  3. Whats your colour??

    I'm LC4T
  4. What rpm in 5th are you doing 60/70?

    Mines an auto and i sit on 2500 at 70
  5. my VR6!

    a) how did you clean your engine bay so well. And what is the deal with those plates? I 4t that they were only allowed for shows. Curious as i want some too...
  6. Hey there guys, Got a mjor issue. Changed my alternator about a month ago and all was fine, GSF supplied me with a 120 amp one. All was fine until friday. When my revs get up to 4500 the speedo and rev dial go to zero and it seems that t car resets itself as all the ignition lights come on. My airbag light stays on now and my abs and handbrake light light come on occasionally now too. Also, the battery light keeps flickering. I have a volt tester on the battery to help with the stereo and it seem to keep cutting out at 17volts. My bro in law says that I'm getting too much power. Have GSF given me a too high rating alternator?? I run on a serpentine belt. Too scared to take the car out now in case I blow it up. I also don't have the receipt for the alternator so where do I stand on taking it back to them and getting a lower ampage one if that is the case. Cheers
  7. Portsmouth area meets

    So, how many peeps will be going to the clarence pier meet this month? Would like to show my face and catch up with some like minded people. Missus permitting of course..
  8. Sump Issue

    Thats ok coz I'm out of Imperial credits.
  9. Sump Issue

    Top man. Beer??
  10. Sump Issue

    Theres a few extra bolts in it mate. Joining the sump to the bottom of the clutch housing and a cover over the driveshaft. I'll get it off, no worries on that. Wikid then, when I get it off I'll let you know and we can arrange something then. When is best for you as you are so kindly offering??
  11. Sump Issue

    Thanks for the info Calico. I was looking into something like that for a temporary measure until I get a Haynes manual to get it off. I've done so much on mk2's that I know them inside out, but as time with cars moved on so did the complications of getting bits off. Parky, thank you so much. If I can get it off then for you to weld it up would be so cool. Where abouts in Hants are you then???
  12. Hi there guys and gals, After pickikng up the missus in her mk 4 vb today I have had a neighbour knock on my door to inform me of an oil leak. I've had a look and yes, I have a crack about 6mm long in the sump. Its trickling very slowly but now I have to let the missus drive my vr6. I cannot let this happen. She doesn't enjoy it like i do and I really need to get her motor up and running. Please can someone give me some options to fix it as i've just checked a motor factors and they want £258 for a new one. Is ther a form of metal filler or bog standard repair kit I can get??? Many thanks and look forward to your responses. Allen