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  1. vee_dub_vento

  2. OIL TEMP ?

    i changed the oil about 2 months ago and could be that as its got a crack in it
  3. OIL TEMP ?

    i have been testing it out but its still high if i drive it normal and it cant be the heat wrap smelling as there is none on there no more
  4. OIL TEMP ?

    Hi and i own a Vento VR6 and since i've fitted my stainless 6 branch my oil temp been running higher it used to run around 88c but now its in its high 90's and smells of burning but i snapped the heat shield mounts off to heat wrap it but had to cut that off as i wrapped the pipes in pairs and couldn't fitted it properly so is now bare and don't know if thats causing it ? If it is just that could i use the bolt holes for the air con sensors and make a heat shield and mount it from there ? or would it be better to wrap it in heat tape again ?
  5. where can i get it ??

    cheers mate
  6. where can i get it ??

    where can i get part number 16 from ?? http://www.wagenstad.com/diagrams/ve-1997/1-129-26.gif
  7. VR6 QUESTION ??

    yes if it fits
  8. VR6 QUESTION ??

    i have a vento 2.8 VR6 and i was wondering if i put the mk4 2.8 V6 head on mine will my rocker cover, manifolds etc fit ??
  9. is it true what ive heard

    y whould i black on the transfer box i will wana make it 4wd
  10. is it true what ive heard

    is it true that the mk4 VR6 4motion gearbox fits on the mk3 VR6 engine ??
  11. Greatest Hot Hatch

    its gotta bet he 1 that started the whole thing the vw golf mk1 gti
  12. What are your favorite VW Shows/Events??

    dunno yet aint been 2 any but i will be going 2 ultimate dubs in march