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  1. vag com in cirencester

    I used to live in ciren! Have you tried the BMW specialist place up chesterton lane? The guy there knows a lot about VWs i think he has vag com but if he don't i'm sure he will know someone who does!
  2. Wobbly steering

    Update: Replaced universal joint in engine bay and new top mount bearing (part of ignition lock mech) feels like a brand new car again. My tip :- check these before ordering a new rack!! I would of saved myself £££'s if i had done!!!!!
  3. shrick/SC

    Oh my god Gary now what you planning......or has it got one already S/c + shrick looks a winner' date=' its just sat in the shed gathering dust, seems a waste really!!! [/quote'] Silly me thought you were talking to me craggsy....didn't realise there were so many Gary's!!! lol
  4. shrick/SC

    Oh my god Gary now what you planning......or has it got one already S/c + shrick looks a winner, its just sat in the shed gathering dust, seems a waste really!!!
  5. shrick/SC

    Just out of interest has anyone done the rotrex/shrick route? I'm thinking of going the rotrex route and would be interested to find out results! Would the shrick still work well with say 350-400bhp???
  6. shrick/SC

    Give me a pm when you do!!!!!
  7. shrick/SC

    I have a shrick manifold lying about in the shed that used to be on my old obd1 vr, i no have a vortec s/c obd2 vr, i know i need to get the obd2 manifold adapter but what else do i need to do? is it a case of just plug & play (with re-map of course) i've heard storys of the flap inside the shrick g breaking due to the increased air flow?? What sort of difference should i get? better driveability? more bhp?
  8. Wobbly steering

    if you look inside the engine bay there is a rubber cover which covers the steering column, pull it back and underneath is a universal joint, if there is any movement in it then that could be your clunk, it is easily removed but make sure you try any movement whilst on the car as when you take it off the car it is almost impossible to find wear! Hope this helps
  9. Wobbly steering

    Just found out the universal joint is worn which means my rack may well be ok!!! Will change today and hope it cures the side ti side movement
  10. Wobbly steering

    Anyone with EKTA - can you tell me if there is a bush in the coloumn that can be replaced?
  11. Wobbly steering

    still after info on possible replacement coloumn bushes?? If anyone knows anything please let me know!
  12. Wobbly steering

    Went the gsf rack route last year as well so know what you mean pete. Got to sort steering column too this time too.
  13. Wobbly steering

    Does anyone know if the bushes are replaceable? Isit an easy fix?
  14. I've got play in my steering - up down movement & side to side when turning wheel. A mechanic has taken a look and thinks i need a new rack (only replaced last year with GSF part) and a bush in the column is worn. Where is the cheapest place to get a genuine vag rack? How easy is it to put a new column in/replace bush?? Anyone else had this problem?
  15. As title, have checked fuel sender - not getting any power? Any tell me if there is a fuse? or what to do now? The gauge moves about 1mm but wont go higher. There is half a tank of fuel in the car!