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  1. should be at least 5 or 6 with me @ liphook a few form dubscene are meeting me their aswell from portsmouth way
  2. Portsmouth area meets

    im heading upto portsdown hill 2nite for a phat burger if anyone want to meet keep an eye out for the purple monster
  3. im meeting a few @ liphook services along the a3 @ 7 if thats any good for you if you wanna join us
  4. sweet will defo be going meeting rusty @ asda bring on the noise
  5. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    mate that sucks ,hope you and vr are all ok tho will you be attending no-rice this weds
  6. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    droped a mate in midhurst lovely drive then on way back destriyed a corsa with 2 lads in mind you not really hard is it lol
  7. Portsmouth area meets

    ahhhhhh only that i couldant put passenger window down as its bust,was a cool trip back past asda nice lot of backfiring from yours sounded sweet .wanna swap lol
  8. Portsmouth area meets

    waterloovile @ 630 on the left as you drive in i believe you joining us ???
  9. Portsmouth area meets

    nice one will meet you 630 asda rusty
  10. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    i have been awating a call from garage ,got one and it was rubbish thought had hole in exhaust oooh noooo changed leads still lumpy changed plugs still lumpy changed coil pack vr no much much better only i dont have the ££££ to pay for it yet how crap is that
  11. vr6 no go

    all sorted now was a nackered coil pack so new plugs new leads ne coil pack and all is good for now
  12. vr6 no go

    where is that then have no idea on that side of things ,is it easy to get to cheers damo
  13. strted vr lastnight was very lumpy when driving very very loud from exhaust with no go when put foot down all plugs leads ok could this be blown exhaust found small bit of moisture coming through at rear of back box ...any ideas welcome
  14. new ones

    to be fair they dont stick out that bad ,ive had no probs with old bill live right opp a station had them talking about the car /looking around it never said anything arches will be pulled and rolled soon anyway
  15. not put any pics up in a while so here goes few changes debadged grille crystal fogs and indicators mk5 headlights polished borbet a's with stretched rubber also just fitted hofele vents also have polished manifold and strut brace to be fitted on the look out for polished rocker too