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  2. my vr highline so far!!

    thanx again!! dont really post much up on forums!! just kind of read and take inspiration!! the cars going for paint again in the nxt week or so ready for all types!! who else is going to a well kept secret with in the veedub community?? + are the vr6oc having a stand??
  3. my vr highline so far!!

    cheers!! got the wheels last year!! well before i got me new car!! couldnt resist + there not that common on a mk3 yet!!
  4. my vr highline so far!!

    who knows!! sum chav or grandad!!! :-d
  5. my vr highline so far!!

    how dare u!!! haha!! i was young + nieve!! the vr's mega!! more than pleased with it!! there no comparison apart from they both have 4 wheels!!!
  6. my vr highline so far!!

    no not amber!!! :-d cars looks mint mate!! lovin the wheels!! can see a set of bbs's or image wheels being next on the car!! just cant decide which 1's!!
  7. my vr highline so far!!

    im best giving you the number for them cos you know wots its like when you start quoting prices and there of the mark!! prospray:- 0161 7754828! cheers for the kind words!! yeah not gona change the lights etc, cos they look good as standard + less is more sometimes!!
  8. my vr highline so far!!

    sound fella! how do you put the pics up like that??
  9. my vr highline so far!!

    dont now how you put the damn photos up properly!!! damn technology!!
  10. 77k fvwsh! gaz coilies, rolled + pulled arches done by prospray in irlam! borbet t's 9x16, ramair filter, magnecor 8.5mm leads, milltek sports cat + full system! thanks to awesome aka dean + andy! for the help + jobs done!! Moderator edit by: TheGoth
  11. Heres a chance for you to show off your Rims!!!