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  1. Another noisey Engine...

    bit of a complicated story... my regular mechanic was gonna do the chains and clutch so decided to take the engine out to make it easier for him. Whilst he was working on the car one his mates who used to work for a racing company offered to gas flow my head so i ended up getting the whole head done, new followers, valves etc.. Because the top was done the bottom was weak so i had the bottom rebuilt too.. To cut a long story short my mechanic suffered from a heart attack so my car was in a 1000 peices with no mechanic. I ended up getting the engine rebuilt by a reputable engineer and then the engine was put back in the car by a local garage who I trust.. Thing is i'm not sure what sort of warranty I have with the engine.. Gonna go to the engineers in the morning and see what they say... :|
  2. Another noisey Engine...

    Thanks Gav! I am going to the MOT place again and have a few words, have already spent 3grand on the engine so am now losing heart to do any more on it + the guy that done the MOT is ok but its the monkeys he has working for him... My opinion is the big ends as well, going to the see the guy that rebuilt my engine on Monday as well.. if i can get it going again for 500 quid then i'll keep it, if not watch this space for stage 3 gas flowed head for silly (cheap) price!
  3. Hi Guys Just had my engine rebuilt by my local engineering firm, has VR's before and fairly experienced... Problem: Has been run in for about 200 miles now and was smoking slightly but was advised due to head being flowed and bores being honed.. Car came back from MOT yesterday and on start up just sounded like a misfire.. To my horror as I made it home i noticed that there was a loud knocking noise from the rear of the engine (sounds like a hammer to wood?!) I thing it may be the big ends or shells.. Any ideas will be kindly appreciated, looks like a trip to Doctor Vince! apologise for the essay (did crap at english though?!? ( )
  4. Oil Breather

    I have seen alot of VR's at shows where they have taken the breather off and put on the K&N jobbies... what I wanna know is where do you put the rest of the plumbing or do you just blocked them off... Regards