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  1. Thanks for that, i do hope I can go catching 16v mk2s!
  2. Hello,my mates just bought a mk2 16v track car from an independant specialist in the midlands, it's amazing, must have cost the original owner a fortune to build, anyway I was thinking about swapping my vr for another mk2, (love em) or do I modify my otherwise standard vr to make it a little more interesting? Would it respond well to being stripped of it's interior/ general weight saving ? How well do vrs go with a decent suspension kit fitted? Thanks for Reading, any help appreciated.
  3. Hi all, just wondering would my 93 vr golf qualify for classic car insurance?, it will only be used occasionally,any help greatly appreciated
  4. i ve had my vr for 7 and a bit years, live in boothstown now, it is off the road at present while i consider what to do with it, it was my daily car until last year.still love it though, owners club stickers front and back!!!
  5. you can't trust anyone can you, he will get whats coming to him one day the robbing 'schiester'
  6. mpm: no worries! sound like a nice motor you are selling, VR6 Mofo: kind of had it from relatively young, but not dead young, i love it but need something bigger, hate myself for saying this (non car people always say it!) something newer,rrrggghh. want to take my son to florida if possible with the proceeds, just enjoy the beasts memory ! still believe vr's are such fun cars, even nick mason from pink floyd reckons so, and he runs fezza's!, thanks for your help chaps
  7. been offered 1100 for my vr (2.9 at awesome in 03) 30 thou since then, standard, windsor blue 93 3 door. needs an mot and tax, drivers window needs attention, as does the roof, is this a fair deal? if he gets funny about the little bits that need doing it would'nt suprise me! people want it all, he couldn't get a fiesta for that till!! any ideas welcome, cheers, roper.
  8. harry

    VR6 quick?

    there was a new lad at work a while back, who it was rumoured prior to his arrival 'was well into his golfs' mmm i thought, im a natural target then having a vr6.Low and behold he turns up, mk3 tdi tarted up, jetex back box the lot! what a dreamer.When i was making a brew he comes over, basically bigging up the tdi and saying vr's arent fast. I reckon ive forgot more about golfs than he knows at this point.Our early morning journeys to work used to clash and i'd bump into him en route.He would drive like a bell end to try and prove his point even in the wet.I never once got dragged in to his g
  9. harry

    how much ?

    yeah, get your drift! you see some shite examples out there, to be honest it took most of my resources up repairing it and keeping it going, big rims dont really interest me any more, terrible road surfaces in manchester saw off my 17" rims on my old audi some years ago, and the noise the engine makes was more than adequate for me, i suppose i just never got round to doing the lowered suspension thing and the exhaust. still absolutely, thoroughly enjoyed the vr in its standard guise.Good luck to the modders, there are some beautiful cars on here, each to there own i suppose.
  10. harry

    how much ?

    Thanks very much chaps! the reason i /we kept it standard was because back when we got her, nobody we knew had one, and it just felt right to try an keep it real and take great care of it.Had a few initial problems with split hoses and a suspected head gasket problem which was the water pump! smith knight fay in hyde took care of it all. Im big on standard, and when i had the engine rebuilt to 2.9 it was fantastic because the car looked bog standard! and i really didnt see the point in ruining it, very pleased with the results.Did come close to getting a cai kit but have you seen the rain in m
  11. harry

    how much ?

    hi , im possibly going to sell my vr6 golf and was wondering how much it was worth? its a 93 windsor blue 3 door, totally standard in appearance,140k but i had a full rebuild in 2003 at awesome to 2.9 litres.it has had all subsequent work carried out at awesome, engine mounts, axle bushes, brakes, heater matrix, water pump, cv joints, oil changes, etc, its also got a vw related reg plate, its been well looked after. I have some interest from lad who doesnt know much about vw's . but im not sure how much its worth.if another young lad can get as much of a buzz out of it as my brother and i have
  12. hello all, im after some advice please, ive taken my vr off the road for the time being, (sorn) and need to know the best way to protect the engine etc whilst its not in use, it will be garaged. i had a mate keep an elise in our garage for some time and he used to get a jump start so he could get it out to wash every so often, but ive heard this isnt the best thing to do? should i periodically turn it over and run it on the driveway or just leave her tucked away? ive also heard that removing the spark plugs is a good idea? im no mechanic and time is limited to me, i may consider selling her if
  13. always be careful when approaching vermin.you may well want to get a hea shot in, but they know where you live/work, and have jack sh*t to lose.we had a gang a few years back with machetes in broad daylight attacking our cars at work. one of the blokes ran at the main one with an overall wrapped around his arm and ended up chasing them into the nearby council estate over the main road in ancoats.it could have been a mess, but certain people have that special quality, and can deal with scum, mere mortals shouldnt get involved in my opinion, these b'stards are dangerous, just be careful people..
  14. thanks chaps, its safe to say that my vr ownership will be ended by this latest problem (heater matrix) my young family must come first, and the price (potentially) from awesome is mad to say the least.This car has been absolutely fantastic in the 4 years ive had it from my brother, ive had some mega bills (awesome) and cant justify this one on my obd1 93.I will have to fix it in my leisure now, but need a ride for work.Im totally destroyed by this, i will repair it correctly and then sell her. THE VR6 IS DEAD, LONG LIVE THE VR6.......
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