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    15.541 at 91.4 mph with ram air induction and exhaust, :@
  2. Hi, yeah thanks for lettin me come up it good to meet you all. went down the track a few times, best result was only 15.5. I'll probably go up there again later this year (when its a lot colder) see if i can get a better time. Thanks for the advice on the bonnet lifter, i'll see if i can get it fitted, i know a couple of mech's and body repair lads so shouldn't be a problem. Like i said i'll have to look at my finances for edition 38, looks good though so might se you up there if i'm not in Iraq by then
  3. minty, as i'll be comin from hull i think its probably best if i give you or tom a call when i get there, i'v got your numbers from above if thats ok, will keep an eye on the forum for meetin places though. cheers mate!
  4. definately gonna be there now, got the corrado back today, bit of a hefty bill but you know how it is, these things have gotta be done!! I'll be travelling from tu north on the m1, aint got a clue where i'm goin, help!
  5. things are lookin better, they worked on me car over the weekend for me, so it will be ready wednesday or thursday, Quality!!!
  6. tragidy! stone through the rad car is in for repare but there not sure its gonna be ready for the weekend ~ but will perswade the to fix it in time if it meens paying a bit more or advertiseing at the show or summat. Its lookin dodgy though. !sad
  7. Hi, i'll be comin along. I hope you can fit me into the stand. This will be my first even with the VR6 club so it will be good to meet some of you. I have invited some friends which i hope will be ok, although i take it their cars will not be alowed on the stand as one of them is a member of the Fiat coupe oc, lol. looking forward to it, cheers Gareth Humphreys aka gbhno1